Trying to Fight Father Time
Becky, David, Carolyn and Linda explain why they dread getting older.


"Y'all must think I am the absolute crypt keeper," Dr. Phil says. Turning to Becky, he says, "So, you think you're looking old."


"I went to bed one night. I was 29. I woke up December 15, I turned 30, something happened. My face started falling," she says with a laugh.


"You said you were an ugly duckling until you were 25," Dr. Phil says. "You basically had five good years."


"Yes," she replies.


"How bad do you feel for her?" Dr. Phil asks Linda.


"I'd like to look like her when I'm 60. That's my goal," she says.


Dr. Phil asks David for his thoughts.


"I just think, why wouldn't you do everything in your power to try to look younger?" he says. "I think society judges people. I think what's inside is really, really important. I totally get that. But no one's ever going to get to know your inside if you look a certain way on the outside."


"You spend $8,000 a year trying to look young?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]David confirms this. "I would spend more if I had to," he says.


"Who are you trying to impress?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Nobody," David replies.


"Here's a deal: I'll just come by your house, take out all the mirrors, and you give me the $8,000," Dr. Phil jokes. "If you're not trying to impress anybody but you, just quit looking in the mirror!"

Dr. Phil asks Carolyn, "How old do you feel?"


"Twenty-eight," she says.


"How old are you really?" Dr. Phil asks.


Carolyn pauses and says, "I'm 40."


"You look great for 40. You should be proud of that," Dr. Phil says. "How old does your son think you are?"


"Thirty," she says sheepishly.


"You're lying to your own son?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"I know he's going to repeat what I tell him to other people outside of the house, so he thinks I'm 30," she explains.


Dr. Phil comments that Robin wrote a book called What's Age Got to Do with It? and on the cover, she's sitting on a statue of her age, 55. "Why doesn't it bother you?" he asks.


"I don't know," she says. "I've always embraced my age. I have no problem, at all, with the number. It's how I'm living my life, it's how I feel, it's how I'm taking care of myself."

Dr. Phil turns to Becky and says, "You say, 'I'm panicking all the time, because I feel like all I have to offer is a pretty face, and what will I have when that all droops?'"


"I feel like if people turn me away immediately, if I'm not pretty, and they don't accept me, they'll never get to know me," she explains.


"I totally agree," David says.


"That is an insult to all the rest of us, because you're saying that we are all superficial," Dr. Phi says.


The panel agrees that they feel like people will look past them to speak with younger-looking people.


"You consider me old people," Dr. Phil says to David.


"You're happy, and you're successful, and so I don't look down upon you because you're older. I hope that I can be as self-evolved when I'm as old as you are," he says with a smile.


[AD]"I'm never going to accept my turkey neck and be happy about it," Becky says.


"If you consider that a turkey neck and droopy eyes, you are delusional," Dr. Phil tells her.


To help Dr. Phil celebrate and to help the panelists feel like kids again, Snoopy, who also turns 60 this year, joins the party. He is escorted by Dr. Phil show Special Contributor, Kelly Osbourne. They invite the guests to visit Knott's Berry Farm.