Miserable Birthdays

"The problem I have with my birthday is I have a curse, or have bad luck or something," says Shirah. "The first few birthdays were fine, until my sister was born. Our birthdays are in April. Then I had to start sharing all my birthdays with her. My little brother, he has a birthday on May 1, so he's thrown on the birthday cake sometimes as well. I've never had just my name on the birthday cake. I was gypped. That was the one day I wanted to be selfish and have my one moment."


When Shirah got older, she started planning her own birthday parties, but those didn't go so well. "I tried to go to Vegas for my birthday three years in a row. On my 21st birthday, I was planning my wedding and kind of put my birthday on the back burner. On my 22nd birthday, I planned a huge Las Vegas party. I was sick, so no birthday party for me. Then on my 23rd birthday, I had to get surgery " strike three. I don't make it to Vegas," she explains. "On my 28th birthday, I ended up going to Paris. Paris was a nightmare. It rained every single day. I walked around Paris in the rain, alone, by myself on my birthday. It was just a waste. I could have stayed home."


Shirah says she's never had a great birthday. "I want my one successful birthday!" she declares.


[AD]In studio, Shirah tells Dr. Phil the planning of her birthdays isn't her problem. "I think my birthdays are really cursed," she says.


Dr. Phil introduces Shirah's sister, Sheena, and asks her, "Is she exaggerating, or is this true?"


"This is so true," she says. Facing her sister, she continues. "You're almost 30. It's time to get over it. You have a daughter. Concentrate on her birthday."


"Nope," Shirah says. Turning to Dr. Phil, she says, "She can say that because she's the one on the birthday cake with me every year."

Dr. Phil shares surprises with Shirah!