Blended Family: Lou's Plea

Lou's Plea
Dr. Phil speaks with a family facing the extreme challenge of trying to blend two households together.Another crisis has hit this family. Lou explains: "I have three daughters with my ex-wife: Sara, Rachel and Olivia. My youngest daughter Olivia, who's 8 years old, came to stay with me for summer vacation. About two weeks ago I sent her back home to her mother in South Carolina. I have not been able to get in touch with her ever since. All the numbers I've been trying to contact have been disconnected. I have no idea of where my daughter is now and I'm very scared."

Dr. Phil does some investigating and tells Lou what he's discovered: "Some of this you know already. [Your ex-wife] was living with a friend in South Carolina at the end of 2003. She moved with your daughter Olivia. In recent weeks the phone numbers at that house have been disconnected. All the utilities at the house have been disconnected in the last 30 days."

"I didn't know that," says Lou.

Dr. Phil continues: "We put people on the ground there in South Carolina to find out what was going on, and they say the neighbors have not seen an 8-year-old girl in the neighborhood at all. That there hasn't been an 8-year-old girl living there. There are currently no records of any utilities listed under your ex-wife's name anywhere in the United States. She has no cell phone under her name. She has pulled out with no forwarding address."
Dr. Phil tells Lou that based upon his reading of the divorce decree, Lou's ex-wife is in violation of their divorce agreement, which states that she has to keep Lou apprised of her address and phone number where she can be reached at all times. "We're going to continue to try and locate her," Dr. Phil tells Lou. "We're making every effort through a number of channels to try to find her so you know something about where your daughter is." Dr. Phil turns to the camera, "and if you're watching, please call us and talk to us. We'll handle it in confidentiality. We're not going to tell anybody where you are, but you have people who are very concerned about you and your daughter."

Dr. Phil tells Lou and his family that he will stay in touch with them about what he learns from the investigation.