Blended Family Trouble, Part 2: A Big Blowup

Blended Family Trouble, Part 2: A Big Blowup
Dr. Phil checks in with a couple struggling to blend their two families together.Cameras placed in their home capture an out-of-control screaming match between Rachel and Ashley, that takes place in front of Lou and Dina. After listening to this blow-up for a while, Dina explodes:

Dina: That is the f***ing problem in this house, I'm going to tell you right now! That is the biggest problem. You, you and you. I've f***ing had it! ... Now your sister's back and it's the same bull***t. That's why we can't do anything in this damn house! That is why! Because you feel like your family is over there, and you and you feel that your family is over there. And it's going to stop. Because I'm tired of this petty bull***t. I've had it!
Ashley and Rachel say they want to laugh after seeing the footage of their fights. "We can't believe we say the things we say," says Rachel.

"We apologized that day and hugged," says Ashley. "We just get all our feelings out and then we're fine. We have a weird relationship."

Dr. Phil asks Dina what stands out about the fight she just watched.

"All the yelling," she says. "When you're in the middle of a heated exchange like that you don't know how you sound to other people. It was a big eye-opening experience to me to see that."

"What I saw were a couple of things. Number one, how quick you guys flash to anger," says Dr. Phil. "There's no communication. It's like comment, response, attack! That tells me that it's just right below the surface. It's like a flash fire that can come on at any time and then it just spins out of control." He turns to Dina and Lou: "You're just letting this happen. You're just sitting there and then you just join in. I couldn't tell who was the kid and who was the mother, except the mother had worse language than the kids! What are you doing?"

"I don't know," admits Dina, sheepishly.
"We've got a blurring of boundaries here. You're just one of the kids. You're yelling and screaming and 'F' this and 'BS' that."

"I normally don't do that," starts Dina.

"Right," interrupts Dr. Phil, in disbelief. "Yeah, that seemed like it was really forced, like you were just searching for 'What's that word I was using three weeks ago?' I mean, it seemed to me to just kind of roll off your tongue."

"You're right," admits Dina. "I have been trying though, to watch my language and not explode like that. Those are two of the things I've been working on."

"You've got to rise above this guys," Dr. Phil tells Lou and Dina.
Dr. Phil asks Lou, who was also present during the fight, "Why were you not jumping in there saying, 'Stop'?"

"We usually let them vent first, and then we can actually have a talk," says Lou.

"Well, let's have a new plan," Dr. Phil suggests. "Because this is out of control. This isn't healthy."

Dr. Phil turns back to Ashley and Rachel. "It's time to decide that you're going to conduct yourself like a young lady instead of some street brawl, yelling and cussing and pointing and jumping up. That's not very becoming."

"That's how we communicate," laughs Ashley.

"I know, and I'm wanting to take it to the next level, where you problem solve and you talk about things," says Dr. Phil.