Brandon Intervention: Three Brothers: The Interventions

A Dangerous Triple Intervention

Kaila, a recovering heroin addict herself, tells Brandon that her brothers, Jordan and Sean, also use heroin.

Tara says, "I'm afraid they're going to die. I'm watching their lives deteriorate."

They show Brandon some of the footage they captured of their brothers. Logan, who was in jail for forging a prescription for Percocet, gets released after three weeks, and the sisters pick him up.

"So, how was jail?" one of them asks after Logan gets in the car.

"Sucked worse than anything I've ever been through in my life," Logan says. "I could use a nice hot bottle of vodka right now."

Tara and Kaila tells Brandon that Jordan has been hospitalized from abscesses in his arm from shooting up heroin. "Even Sean is afraid Jordan is going to die," Tara says.

[AD]"He would shoot 12 to 14 [balloons of heroin] a day," Kaila says.

"Trying to get a hold of my brother [Jordan] has proven to be a very difficult task. I tried to call him several times today with no success," Tara says. "They're going to die without something happening to intervene. Especially Sean. I mean, he, at one point, had a lot going for him. He has nothing. Not even his daughter."

The sisters show Brandon footage they captured of Sean, high on pills and heroin. 

Brandon drives by Sean's house, to see what kind of environment he's living in. He notes heavy surveillance on the house and lots of traffic in and out. He says there are people watching out the windows, and there appears to be a lot of drug activity going on.

Private investigator Harold Copus is called in to assess the situation, to determine the danger involved with the three brothers.

Harold meets with Tara to go over the illegal activities her brothers may be involved in. Sean may be selling OxyContin, Percodan and Xanax. Logan has been forging prescriptions. Kaila believes Jordan may be selling heroin and cocaine as well as using.

[AD]Harold asks about weapons. Sean has a concealed weapon's permit, and Logan has guns.

"What are they protecting themselves from?" Harold asks.

The girls don't know. "It's bigger than I could've ever dreamed it to be," Tara says.

"Explain bigger," Harold says.

"The boys aren't just using; they're more connected. It's more intricate. I feel like I'm in a nightmare," she says, growing tearful. "This is all so much more than I thought it was."

Brandon and Debbie want to get all three brothers together for an intervention " the first triple intervention they've ever performed. The plan is to gather everyone under the guise of a family portrait.

The only thing predictable about interventions is they're unpredictable. Sean and Jordan don't show up. Tara leaves to go get Sean and bring him back, but is unable to find him. Jordan refuses to come and won't answer his phone. The plan proceeds with just Logan.

Logan sits down with his family for some photographs. He is joined by his brother, Jeff, 26, and Tara's husband, Jason. Brandon and Debbie stay hidden in a back office until it's time to come out and confront Logan.

Logan is immediately suspicious. 


[AD]Logan argues that he's currently not on drugs, but Tara tells him they want him to learn the tools to stay off drugs. Brandon and Logan's siblings convince him to sit and listen to what his family has to say.

Logan's family reads their heartfelt letters. Will he agree to treatment? 


Logan proved to be more difficult than they thought " and he was sober. Will they be able to get the other two brothers to agree to treatment?

The next day, the family has an opportunity to get to Sean. After Sean shows up at a friend's house, strung out and looking for money, the friend calls Jeff. Jeff asks him to bring Sean to his house.

Brandon, Debbie and the family gather at Jeff's and prepare for the second intervention.

"From what we understand, Sean is going to be a lot more complicated to deal with than Logan was, so we could have our hands full," Brandon says.

Sean threatens that he's armed, and chaos breaks out. 


Sean tries to bolt. He is found in the garage, making a phone call. Brandon convinces Sean to sit and listen to what they have to say. Harold asks him if he's contacted anyone to come get him, and Sean admits that he has. Harold instructs Jeff to call the police, since they don't know who is on the way there, and that person could be dangerous.

The family informs Sean that Logan is already on his way to treatment, and they want the same for him. Brandon shares that Dr. Phil is going to help him and his brothers, but they all need to get treatment. "If one of you gets better, it doesn't do any good if the other two are still sick and dying," he says.

Sean says he's resistant to treatment because he's got stuff to take care of, though he admits, "I need help."

Kaila speaks from her heart, and when police arrive, Sean learns of his choices: jail or rehab. 


Debbie tells Sean he will have to leave immediately for the airport if he accepts the help. Sean hesitates, and his family members beg him to say yes. Sean is concerned about his girlfriend, Anissa. He calls her and tells her, "I have two choices: go to jail or go to treatment."

Eventually, Sean decides. "I'm going to go to treatment, and I'm not going to * slip back," he says. His family embraces him, overjoyed with relief.

Sean's girlfriend, Anissa, is also offered treatment, and she accepts.

[AD]Brandon consults with Harold Copus, to determine the danger involved with attempting an intervention on Jordan, who is the most severe addict of the brothers. Harold recommends they stop. He says he spoke with the police, who are familiar with Jordan, and they told him he could be dangerous.

Dr. Phil explains that treatment has been offered to Jordan, but he still refuses. Although he said he'd consider coming to the show to speak with Dr. Phil, he stopped answering his phone the day before the taping.