A Hazardous Environment

Tiffany and Brooke join their family onstage. Dr. Phil points out that although they think they're good moms, their children come last, after their addictions. The girls agree.

He wants the girls to see their lives on video, and they watch the day the cameras followed them.

See how the twins do drugs with their children nearby.


[AD]Brooke takes a walk and says, "One part of me just wants to give it all up, just become a full-fledged junkie. But then, one other part of me is saying, 'I'll fight for my kids.'"

See what Brooke discovers when she returns home.

Back onstage, Brooke says, "That's awful."

Tiffany wipes away her tears. "I don't want to be like that," she says.

Dr. Phil remarks on Brooke's comment that sometimes she just wants to give up and become a full-fledged addict. "I've got news for you, sister. You are a full-fledged addict," he says.

"I meant, like, giving up my kids."

"You've given up your kids. You made a choice," he says.

She nods.

"You have a 4-month-old, Jacob. And under your tutelage and supervision, your 4-year-old carried that 4-month-old down three flights of stairs a week ago," Dr. Phil says.

Tiffany says, "We weren't high or anything, we were just outside, and Brandon went upstairs because Jacob was asleep, grabbed him and brought him downstairs."

"Is there any theory under which it's OK for a 4-year-old to carry a 4-month-old down three flights of stairs? It's a wonder the baby wasn't dropped and killed by hitting his head " are you kidding me? And your theory is you did that when you were straight? That was your level of supervision when you were straight?" he asks.

"We weren't paying attention," Brooke says.

[AD]"No, you weren't paying attention. That is negligence. That is gross negligence. And that's when you're not high!" Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil mentions the segment in the video where 4-year-old Brandon walks in on them in the garage and joins them at the table where they were just doing drugs. "What are you going to do when he finds one of your balloons to play with?" he asks Tiffany.

"He wouldn't find any because they're empty," Tiffany says.

"Oh, because you're so careful and attentive?" Dr. Phil asks sarcastically. He points out that Tiffany overdosed in the bathroom while her son was downstairs.

In a previous interview, Tiffany talks about her overdose:

"I overdosed about three weeks ago. It was my usual shot, but that day, I got my [prescription] to Xanax, and I took about 12 throughout the day, and I did my hot shot, I hit myself, and then I was in the session of hitting my sister, I was holding onto her, and I just kept falling back, and then I grabbed onto her again, and then that's all I remember," Tiffany says.

"She just wouldn't respond," Brooke remembers, "and then her face was turning grey, her lips were purple and blue, her ears were purple and blue. I called one of our friends, and he told me to throw her in the shower with cold water, that would get her to come back, so I just sat in the shower with her and just rubbed her chest, trying to keep the blood pumping " I didn't know what I was doing " and just held onto her neck so I could feel a pulse. It sucked. I mean, obviously not enough to get me to quit using, but it sucked."

[AD]"And I didn't feel a thing. It was just like going to sleep," Tiffany says. "And my son, which is horrible, when I got back from the hospital, he was like, â€ƤMommy, what were you doing in the bathroom?' I told my son Brooke and I were just playing. And he was like, â€ƤWell, can I play with you next time?'"

Back onstage, Dr. Phil says, "I'm speechless." He asks Derrick, who earlier tried to defend his sisters, "Do you want to explain that away for them too?"

"No," he says.

Dr. Phil has some strong words for Derrick.


Dr. Phil warns the twins their recovery could take years, and they may never be able to go back to where they live now. "It could be a long time before you ever see your children again. Because you do not deserve, and they do not deserve to be around you until such a time that you are predictably sober — not just dried out — but I mean seriously living with some clarity in your thoughts."

[AD]Dr. Phil says that Danny has to do some work as well, along with Derrick. Although Derrick says he doesn't have a problem with drugs, Dr. Phil tells him he's playing with fire.

Dr. Phil lays it on the line for the twins and their mother.


Dr. Phil offers the twins treatment at La Hacienda, and they accept. He turns to Danny and offers him treatment at Origins Recovery in South Padre Island, Texas. He also accepts.