Back and Better Than Ever

Brandon has now been sober for four years. He tells Dr. Phil, "I'm doing fantastic. Couldn't be better. Getting off all that stuff I was on, getting my brain and my body back to healthy. I didn't think I would ever be to this point again. All I needed was someone like you and my parents, who did not give up on me, who told me that I'm not meant to be this way, not meant to live this life. And it took a couple valuable lessons, like going to jail and learning what that lifestyle will lead me to, to finally wake me up."

Brandon says when he sees the old footage of him over the years with his addiction, he feels ashamed. "Drugs cloud your mind and your body so much, especially drugs like heroin, that you can't think straight, and you cannot control your anger. It takes over your brain."

Brandon's mother, Debbie, says, "I'm just awe-inspired by this man. And I'm so honored to be his mother, and to be a part of his life and to work with him."

Brandon's father, Doug, says although he was pessimistic about Brandon's addiction, he never gave up. "As a father, this is what you hope for," he says, looking to his son.

"Are you paying this forward?" Dr. Phil asks Brandon.

"Yes, I am," Brandon says. He explains that his mother went back to school and became a licensed chemical dependency counselor, and as a family, they've started an intervention and recovery services company. "For the past two years, we've been doing interventions across the country," he says.

[AD]"How does it feel when you see somebody plucked from the jaws of death and given a chance on the highway to recovery?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It gives me a high like I've never experienced before. I didn't know that I could feel that good about helping somebody else," he says. "Seeing them be so relieved that we're getting their loved one into treatment and potentially saving their life is an experience I just can't describe."


Debbie writes about Brandon's journey to recovery.


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