Brandon's Family Follow-up: Dr. Phil and Brandon

Brandon's Relapse
Dr. Phil follows up with Brandon and his family on the dramatic journey from drug addiction to recovery.Dr. Phil sits down with Brandon after learning he had a relapse two weeks after his last appearance on the show. He asks Brandon to explain what happened.

"I had a little episode since last time where I relapsed," says Brandon. "I had talked to an ex-girlfriend on the phone and I guess it kind of put me in a bad mood. I met with some people and planned on having a beer or two and that led to more."

Dr. Phil tells Brandon he's trivializing what he did. "What went on in your mind where you said, 'Screw everything I've done, the sacrifices I've made, the hard work I've done, the faith my parents put in me, the faith Dr. Phil has put in me, the faith the treatment program has put in me, all of that, I'm going to go do this anyway'?"

Brandon says he rationalized it in his head that a beer or two never hurt anybody, but the beers made him want more, and that led him to smoking pot. Afterward, Brandon felt he had let everyone down, but keeps thinking that less than 10 percent of the people who go through treatment stay sober.

"Look, you don't need to be concerned with statistics," Dr. Phil tells Brandon. "You need to be concerned with Brandon. I wrote a book one time about life laws, and life law number one is you either get it or you don't." Dr. Phil asks Brandon if he thinks that he gets it, and Brandon says yes. "Do you really?" Dr. Phil asks. "I think you don't get it. I think you don't even almost get it."

Dr. Phil asks Brandon how many meetings he's been to in the last month. Brandon struggles to count them, and guesses at 10. "I bet you're giving yourself the benefit of the doubt," says Dr. Phil, and Brandon agrees. "That tells me that you don't get it."

"The meetings are really boring," justifies Brandon.

"If you hear one person say one thing that helps you get through one day, it's worth it," Dr. Phil tells him. "I've stood at the gravesite of you before. I've spoken at your funeral. I've comforted your parents, I've done it all. I absolutely don't want to do it again."

Brandon admits that he doesn't know what he'll be doing two years from now. He feels he's wasted a lot of time, and he wants to move forward quickly, but recovery is slow. "I'm still in the same place I was three months ago," says Brandon. "My old friends that I used to hang out with are still drinking and using and stuff like that."

Dr. Phil tells Brandon that he doesn't have to like everything he does, he just has to do it, and that includes avoiding his old friends. "I want to help you climb out of this and get back to your life, and I have some specific things I want you to do." Dr. Phil asks Brandon, "Don't you think parents in America would like to know what were the first signs your parents didn't see?"

"Oh, yeah," agrees Brandon.

"What do they need to look for? What could your parents have done to put a fence around you?" asks Dr. Phil. "What was it they failed to see when they could've seen it way early on? I want you to be like my mole inside that end of the world and get you to really think back and deconstruct that history."

"That sounds great," says Brandon. "I think I'm going to start doing that right away." See Brandon's project.