Brat Ban: Bryan and Dawn

A Parent's Nightmare?
Bryan and Dawn say they are embarrassed to take their 5-year-old son, Daniel, in public " because to do so causes a scene.

"I'm that mom that people look at."

Dr. Phil asks the parents to look at whether they are consistent with their parenting. He questions whether Daniel's bad behavior results in consistent consequences.

Bryan admits that he gives in to his son, Daniel, consistently. "It's easier to spend three dollars on Oreos than to hear him beg," he says. "I don't do timeout because I don't have the patience to listen to it."

"Are you consistent in your discipline?" Dr. Phil asks Dawn.

"Yes," she says, defensive. "With me, yes."

"Why do you think he's throwing tantrums?" Dr. Phil asks Dawn.

She rejects that he has a tantum problem in public, contrary to statement's she had previously given.

Dr. Phil puts down his notes, unable to get the couple to open up and be honest.

Dawn tries to explain that her son just exhibits inappropriate behavior but not tantrums.

"He's disruptive," Dr. Phil says.

[AD]"Exactly," Dawn agrees.

Can you count how many times Dawn repeats herself?

Dr. Phil has this advice for parents like Dawn and Bryan whose child won't listen: He explains that frequent negative, monotone reprimands can desensitize a child.

Try this instead:
- Vary your tone.
- Take time to teach the behavior that you do want.
- Speak in positive phrases when your child does something right.