His Side of the Story
Dr. Phil addresses Phaedra, "You say that this is being mischaracterized in the media, true?" he asks.
"Yes, it's very true. The altercation had nothing to do with Tyler being a cheerleader," Phaedra replies. "My son's friend asked him to walk him home, because Tyler and his friends were going to jump on my son's friend."
"Were you there, picking them up or anything?" Dr. Phil asks.
"No," she answers. She shares how she received her information. "The school called me to commend Deon for telling the truth the very first time he was questioned about it. The other little boys hadn't told the truth until it came a time where they had to fess up."
Dr. Phil addresses Deon. "Were you making fun of this boy for being a male cheerleader?" he asks.
[AD]"Did you care whether he was a male cheerleader or not?"
"Not really," Deon answers. He explains that he was trying to protect himself, and in the process, Tyler's arm was broken.
"When you saw others [bullying the cheerleader], did you ever step up and say, 'Don't do that'?" Dr. Phil inquires.
"I walked away," Deon answers.
"We can't walk away. If you see somebody picking on a kid, in any circumstance, and you do nothing about it, you've got a problem," Dr. Phil warns.