Bullies Beware: Temica RoShawn

Rude Attitude
"I love being a bully because I have the power, and I'm going to get respect " whether you give it to me or I take it from you," declares 26-year-old Temica RoShawn, she of the compound name and unapologetic attitude. "I've been arrested and put in jail for my bullying. I've lost jobs for my bullying. I've lost friends for my bullying. I get into a ton of fights."
Temica RoShawn describes a recent incident that occurred on a night out with friends. "A girl stepped on my French-manicured toe, so I had to elbow her in the chest and put her in her place, which was on the floor.
"I hate the handicapped. I don't know why they get parking in the front," she huffs. "I need to get in and get out. I need that handicapped parking spot, that's why I always take it, and I will continue to take handicapped parking spots, because they don't need it."
The outspoken young woman also says she has a problem with the mentally challenged. "They make me miserable when I see them out at restaurants. They're disgusting. Food is falling from their mouth. They're shaking like this the whole time in the wheelchair," she says, mimicking what she says is repulsive behavior. "Who wants to see that? I have a cousin. She has Down syndrome. The sooner my grandmother puts her in a home, or the sooner she passes away in her sleep, the better off my life will be."
[AD]When the videotape ends, Dr. Phil turns to Temica RoShawn. "You stand by everything you just said?" he asks.
"Yes, I do," she replies.
Dr. Phil says that everyone has a strategy to get what they want in life. "What do you want, and what is this strategy?" he asks.
"I think handicapped people should be in the back. They shouldn't be parking in the front. My strategy is to just continue to park in their spots. That way they can't get there," she answers.
"You had a question for me. Your question was: Do I think it's OK for you to be so self-confident?" Dr. Phil says, reviewing his notes. "If you're going to succeed, people have to want you to succeed. They have to help you. They have to lift you up and make you successful."
Dr. Phil tells Temica RoShawn that he doesn't think she's self-confident. "Self-confident people are not vulnerable to what other people say and think," he explains. He runs down her 10 defining moments. "Yours were: ‘When my dad got my mom pregnant because I made it.' You said, ‘When I pulled out a girl's weave in elementary school. When I went to jail for three days for getting into a fight with my brother' … it just goes on and on, and it's all about superficial things."
Dr. Phil mentions an incident that he finds disturbing: Temica RoShawn admts to bullying her cousin with Down syndrome and kicking her in the back. "That's offensive to my sensibilities," he says. When she protests that her cousin needs to stay in the house because of her appearance, Dr. Phil says, "That doesn't mean that she is disgusting."
"She is disgusting. Have you seen her?" Temica RoShawn retorts.
"I have worked with Down syndrome people throughout my entire career, and they're anything but disgusting," Dr. Phil says. "They deserve our help and compassion and to be treated with dignity and respect."
Comedian Kirk Fox goes undercover as a disabled person and puts Temica RoShawn's biases to the test!
Kirk joins Dr. Phil onstage in his wheelchair. Then, he parks it, rises and shakes Temica RoShawn's hand.
Gesturing to Kirk, Dr. Phil asks her, "Does he look different to you now just because he's in [my chair] instead of that one?"
"I feel better," she answers.
"I don't feel better," Kirk quips.
"Did you misjudge him?" Dr. Phil asks Temica RoShawn.
"Yes, I misjudged him," she replies. Turning to Kirk, she says, "Handicapped people make me feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, to the point where my hands were trembling. I was so upset to be in [the green room] with you and your handicapped situation."
"Is it possible that a) that is based on fear and ignorance, and b) you, in fact, are a social and emotional cripple?" Dr. Phil inquires.
"Anything's possible."
On videotape, Temica RoShawn's mother, Bonita, says, "My daughter is an out-of-control bully. I cannot believe that I have raised a bully. She grew up in church! I think sometimes she just wakes up to pick a fight with someone just to get her day jumpstarted."
[AD]Turning to Bonita, Dr. Phil asks, "Does she have any friends?"
"Not very many, Dr. Phil, because she runs them all away," Bonita answers. "They have to look a certain way; they have to drive a certain car."
Temica RoShawn confirms that her friends have to meet physical and financial standards, but says she has helped them come up in the world. Dr. Phil points out that Temica RoShawn has a daughter, and she needs to model classiness, dignity and respect for others.