Bullies: Corrine

Bullies: Corrine
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.

"My daughter Corrine was a beautiful, talented 13-year-old little girl. She was incredibly loving. She was very, very smart. Singing was very important

to my daughter," says Rochelle. "But there was something going on in her life that she never told us, and we found out too late. She was being viciously bullied at school."

There were two girls in particular, that gave Corrine a hard time, and they recruited other kids to join them. They told her daily that she was fat and ugly, her hair was ratty and she couldn't sing. "They told her in person they wished she was dead and she should just go home and kill herself," Rochelle explains.

"My daughter took a 357 magnum and shot herself in the head," Rochelle reveals through tears. "It leaves so many unanswered questions. It tears at your whole core. You question yourself as a parent."


Two days following her death, Rochelle found Corrine's journal. "I was just dumbfounded. I never would have believed that a child would say those words to another child," she explains. "The biggest message that I want to get to other parents is talk to your children about being a bully, about being bullied. If this can happen to my daughter, then it can happen to anybody's child."

The day after Corrine died, Rochelle heard from other parents that two girls had dubbed the theme of the day to be that Corrine should go home and kill herself.

On that day, Corrine cried, wrote, 'This school hates me,' and then shot herself in the head.

"This is that mob mentality," Dr. Phil points out. "Cowards do that. They get together in groups."

Rochelle says she was told by the school that "kids will be kids." She adds, "It was denied by the school. It was denied by the parents. It was denied by the girls. Nothing has been done. Nothing."