The New Background Check

Ashley, 22, a recent college graduate, and Karyn, 19, a sophomore in college, met with job recruiter Brad Karsh to perfect their job interviewing skills. Ashley wants to be an entertainment reporter, and Karyn dreams of working as a homicide detective. What they don't know is after he interviewed them, he checked out their Facebook profiles.

Brad says both young ladies did well in the interviews, but he saw problems on their Facebook pages.

Dr. Phil asks if he can show some of the photos on their profiles, and the girls agree. Ashley's profile contains several photos of her drinking alcohol.

[AD]"What would that say to you, as a potential employer, about Ashley?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It's not, obviously, the most positive impression that we want to see, and it certainly sends a bad signal," Brad says. "And certainly you are 21 years old, so you are able to legally drink alcohol, but picture, after picture after picture of things that are a little inappropriate don't paint you in the best [light], especially if you're looking to go into a career where you're going to be in the public face."

Legal expert Lisa Bloom says Ashley should be aware that people with on-camera jobs often have to sign a contract with a morals clause. If you do anything that embarrasses your network, you could be fired. "You have to realize that you're not just representing yourself, you're always representing your entire organization, because anything even remotely embarrassing out there, there are 100 people willing to take that job after you," Lisa says. "It's a highly competitive field, and so I say to you, if there is a camera in the same zip code as you, you better button up, you better smile, and you better put that drink out of the frame. It makes no sense to be in pictures like this."


[AD]Karen's questionable online photos also display her drinking alcohol. Dr. Phil says it doesn't matter if it's something everyone has done. "The point is, you're making a pictorial history that you can't live with in the job setting," he tells the women.

Brad adds, "But it also says a lot about your judgment. You think it's OK to put that on there. You think it's all right to show a picture of something like that, so that too is a bad signal to any employer."

"Do you think you should take those pictures down?" Dr. Phil asks Ashley and Karyn.

Both girls say yes.