Addressing Tabloid Rumors

During the summer, pictures of Dr. Phil and Robin were all over the tabloids, which claim they were getting a divorce. With Robin's seat in the audience vacant, Dr. Phil says, "I am not getting a divorce. Trust me; she's here."

Robin joins him onstage. "See, I'm married," she says, showing her wedding ring.

"Isn't she cute? We just celebrated our 32nd anniversary," Dr. Phil says proudly.

Robin says she's shocked that strangers would write lies about something that is so precious to her and Dr. Phil. "It really bothers me, because you know what? I'm not even mad at him, and they have me divorcing him!" she says.

Dr. Phil shows a recent photo in a tabloid which shows him carrying a bag, allegedly full of personal effects. The headline claims that Robin kicked him out, when in actuality, he was holding his tennis bag. "I'd think if I was going to move out, I'd take more stuff than this," he jokes.

Another tabloid photo showed a moving van in front of their house, loading up a large mirror. Robin and Dr. Phil explain that they were having their house remodeled while they were on vacation. 

"What you have to understand about tabloids is that what they print about public figures " and we are considered public figures " does not have to be true," Dr. Phil says. "What they do is they go find anybody, and they pay them to be a source. These sources are always anonymous. It's always, ‘A friend' said this, ‘a friend' said that. They are not friends; they are cowards. They won't step up and show their face. They just do it because if your face and a scandal will sell newspapers, you're going to be on it."

[AD]"I think it's the belief that you can't live in Hollywood and be happily married, but you can," Robin says.


"One of the things that's really insulting to me is, if I was getting a divorce, it would be filed at the courthouse, and I would say so. It's nothing to be ashamed of. People get divorced every day," Dr. Phil says. "I would hate it. I would ask for your prayers and support. And if I got kicked out ..."


"Don't take the mirror!" Robin quips.

"Anyway, we're not getting a divorce," Dr. Phil reiterates.