Campus Crisis: Megan, Cynthia, Gloria

A Promising Life Cut Short

"Megan chose a small school close to home," Cynthia says. "She was so shy. I wanted to know the campus safety record, and their response was that they were a very safe campus. Megan called me and was crying, and she said, ‘I was raped,'" she says tearfully. "You could hear in her voice. She was just broken. She didn't return phone calls. She didn't go out with her friends. Her self-esteem, they ripped that apart in one night. The detective who was assigned to this case showed the hallway surveillance video. There was a male following her. Another male runs up the hall, and they're both right behind Megan. She looked dazed. Megan walked into another dorm room behind him.

"Megan passed away on December 16th. Megan said that she'd been up the whole night the night before. She said, ‘I want to take a nap,' and she said, ‘Please don't wake me up until 5:00.' I thought that's completely normal. My son, Sean, and I left. When we came back and went up to her room, first, I thought there was just a big clump of blankets there, and I thought, ‘Where's Megan?' And then I saw her head, and she wasn't breathing," Cynthia says, crying. "And I just couldn't wake her up, and I felt for her pulse, and there was none, so I screamed. They brought Megan down on a stretcher, and we went to the hospital. And I just threw myself on her, and I begged her not to go, ‘Don't go. Don't leave.'"


Attorney Gloria Allred is representing Cynthia in a civil lawsuit alleging Dominican College failed to investigate Megan's alleged attack in any meaningful way.

"I absolutely hate that for you. I am so sorry that you've had to deal with that," Dr. Phil tells Cynthia. "I'm continuing to say alleged because there's been basically no arrests and no convictions in this case today, is that right?"

"That's correct, Dr. Phil," Gloria says.

Dr. Phil asks Cynthia, "What did your daughter tell you? She called you and said, ‘Mom, I've been raped.'"

"Yes. She said she remembered feelings of them on top of her and telling them to get off, but they wouldn't listen, and she thought she was having a nightmare, but it wasn't," Cynthia says, her voice trembling.

"Gloria, I assume when this was reported by Megan, that this university went on high alert, security locked everything down, called in the police and began to investigate," Dr. Phil says.

"If only that were true, we would probably not be sitting here today, Dr. Phil," Gloria says. "[Cynthia's] so brave to be sitting here. I just admire her courage, and she's doing it in order to help others."

Dominican College was invited to send a representative to the show, but they declined due to pending litigation. They deny any wrongdoing.


"Tell me what happened," Dr. Phil says to Gloria.

"Megan immediately went to the hospital, had the rape exam, and was bleeding and suffering pain. The very next day, she reported it to the college, along with her mother, who was there. The college, according to Cynthia, referred her to a detective in the police department. Within days she went to the police and reported it. Unfortunately, the college, according to Cynthia, told her that they would be deferring to the criminal investigation by the police. In other words, they weren't doing what we contend they should've done, Dr. Phil, which is also launch their own investigation, which we contend they are required to do under Title Nine, in other words, under federal law," Gloria says.


"The Clery Act is also very important," she continues. "What the Clery Act is, is a federal law that was passed that requires colleges to report to their students the number of reports of sexual assault on their campus so the students and parents can evaluate the risk of harm. There were three incident reports to the college, but yet when they reported in their student handbook to the students, zero is what they reported. We say that is deception. That is wrong."