A Family Illness

Kyle and his counselor at Hazel Street, Kerry, join the group.

Kerry says Kyle was very tough and resistant when he first came to Hazel Street. "In a perfect world, I would love to see Kyle go home. In a perfect world. I think that is something Kyle deserves, but everything has to be in place," he says. "It's not just about Kyle. It's also about Kelly and Tony. Is everyone going to participate in Kyle's treatment? Because it's not just Kyle; it is a family illness."

Kyle says he's come a long way. "I believe 90 meetings in 90 days is appropriate, and I need to do that and set that habit of going to AA meetings and doing the right thing, and I can continue to make progress," he tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil and Kyle's counselor test Kyle's rosy outlook of the future.


[AD]Kyle admits he has been manipulative and disrespectful of his mother and stepfather in the past, but he's learned a lot in his two family sessions at Hazel Street.

Dr. Phil tells them, "If you can fix this in two days, I'm out of business." He says he doesn't think Kyle or his family is where they need to be to ensure his success. "I think some things need to happen on the home front, or when he gets out " you're right, that's when it gets tough. You've got to have a soft place to fall, and if that soft place to fall is chaotic, if that soft place to fall is inconsistent, if that soft place to fall is pathological, if it's toxic, then you're sabotaging all of the work that's been done."

Dr. Phil reads from his notes about what Kyle has had to say. "He wants a working family, where everyone communicates and there's peace, rather than constant conflict. He says he also wants a more controlled relationship with his mom, where they're not quite so close," he says. 

Kyle explains why he thinks his relationship with his mother needs to change.

Tony says he's very impressed with his stepson, and he is committed to working on their relationship. Dr. Phil reminds him that he can be a positive influence on Kyle.

For her next step, Dr. Lawlis recommends that Kelly check into La Hacienda Treatment Center to be monitored while detoxing from all the medication she's been on, including prescription marijuana. Then when she's clean, she can see the specialists at the PNP Center.

"But this is supposed to be about Kyle," she says.

Dr. Phil reiterates that in order for her to be there for her son, she needs to take care of herself. In the meantime, it is recommended that Kyle continue his work at Hazel Street.

Kyle isn't happy with that news. "I've been there 135 days, and the recommended stay is 90," he says.

[AD]Dr. Phil says he doesn't support Kyle coming home yet. "It's up to y'all, but I'm telling you, he has worked too hard and come too far to throw him into the deep end of choppy water," he says. He also says Kyle can learn more about ADHD and how he can manage it, if he indeed has that disorder.

Tony agrees they're not ready for him to come home. He promises his stepson it won't be long and asks him to have a little patience.

"I think you're a lot closer to having exactly what you want than you think you are," Dr. Phil tells Kyle. "We're going to turn this around pretty quick and get you home."  


After the show, Kelly agreed to go to La Hacienda Treatment Center. After completing his rehab program, Kyle came home.

"I went to Hazel Street Recovery Center because I was doing bad things, grades were bad. I couldn't control my life. I couldn't get it in order and everything was going downhill," Kyle says. "My parents, they knew what to do, and they cared enough for me to send me there. It's really turned my life around because now, I know the tools, and I know what to do to stay sober."

"I really believe that the people at Hazel Street have done a phenomenal job," Tony says. "I was blown away by his improvement and his attitude."

"Now, I'm positive, and I'm looking forward to the future," Kyle says. "Drugs are always going to be around. You've just got to control yourself. I try to make a plan to do a lot of things during the day so I don't get bored, because a lot of times when I was bored was when I was using drugs or drinking or smoking or anything like that just to have more fun. I'm planning out my time and spending it wisely."

"Let's just hope that we've improved, that the family structure has improved, to give him a chance to move forward, to help him stay sober and make the right decisions," Tony says.

[AD]"I have spoken to some friends, and a lot of them want to see me, but I can't go see them yet," Kyle says. "I've got to let them know what's going on in my life. I want to live clean and sober, and I want to do the right thing, so I can't do what they're going to do. I can't control them. I can only set an example for myself and for them, if they want to know what I'm doing. Maybe some might want to follow me in my footsteps. Hopefully, everything turns out good."