The Verdict Is in

When Kim and Fred Goldman, sister and father of the late Ron Goldman, last appeared on the show, they expressed their hopes and fears for the outcome of O.J. Simpson's Las Vegas trial. Now that the jury has returned a guilty verdict, the Goldmans weigh in via satellite.


"I guess congratulations are in order, at this point," Dr. Phil says. "Tell me how you guys are feeling about this."


"For me, I guess the term would be elated," Fred says. "I'm thankful that all the effort we put in over all these years to chase him, to pursue him, to force justice, and, at some point, taking away the book rights ... I'd like to think all of that put him over the edge to commit these crimes, and ultimately, he'll go to jail for the rest of his life."


"It's very surreal to me even seeing the mug shot of him. I'm thinking to myself, 'Wow, I might never see his face again in our living room and on our news again,'" Kim adds.


"Where were you when you heard the verdict?" Dr. Phil asks Kim.


"I was in my family room in my house. I had my dad in one ear [on the phone], and my boyfriend in the other, and we watched and listened to that verdict together," she replies. "I fell to my knees on the floor, just total shock, crying, laughing, relief, stress."

Dr. Phil praises the Goldmans' persistence. "I assume that a lot of what you guys did to keep the pressure on may well have pushed him to making the bad decisions that he made," he says.


"I really hope that that was the impetus to drive him to commit these crimes in an effort to avoid us," Fred says. "He went over the edge and fell in jail, right where he belongs."


Lisa shares her thoughts on the verdict. "These people have been the moral center of this case for the past decade," she tells Dr. Phil. "I hope we would all behave as honorably and relentlessly as the Goldmans have."


"It's been a long decade plus since we received our civil verdict, and as Lisa said, it has been a long, tiring process for us, and it doesn't stop because he's behind bars. This has been a commitment we made to Ron, that we would pursue justice on his behalf," Kim says.








Darren and Lisa share their thoughts on whether it was possible for jurors to be unbiased toward O.J. in the Las Vegas case.


"Just like people had such a strong emotional reaction to the idea that the karmic wheel has finally ground over O.J., I think the jurors likely had that same emotional reaction too," Darren says. "The only issue that I have, and of course, this will be fleshed out on appeal, is whether or not that's something that impacted the integrity of the trial process."


Lisa strongly disagrees with Darren's position. "These jurors were so carefully screened about that. I think it's insulting to these jurors, who reviewed hours and hours of audio tapes where O.J. was caught on tape saying, 'Nobody leave the room,'" she interjects. "There was a mountain of evidence against O.J. Simpson, and to say they made this decision because of race or against a 12-year-old case, I think is insulting to the intelligence of these jurors."