Back in the News

Casey Anthony was thrust into the national spotlight when her mother, Cindy, made a frantic 911 call saying that Casey's 3-year-old daughter, Caylee, had been missing for a month. Nearly four months have passed since the toddler vanished, and many still wonder if Casey was involved in her disappearance.


In the following transcripts, investigators question Casey about Caylee's whereabouts, and a detective grows irritated with the young mom's testimony.


Detective: We've got to throw these lies out, OK? Tell us what happened to Caylee.


Casey: I dropped off Caylee, and that's the last time that I've seen her.


Detective: Where did you drop her off?


Casey: I dropped her off at that apartment.


Detective: No, you didn't. No, you didn't. And who'd you drop her off to?


Casey: With Zenaida.


Detective: No, you didn't.


Casey: If I wanted to really just get rid of her, I would have left her with my parents, and I would have left. I would have moved out, and I would have given my mom custody. I would not have let anything happen to my daughter, except I made the mistake of trusting another person with her.