Celebrity Obsessed: Marie

Celebrity Obsessed: Marie
Dr. Phil talks to a woman who can't stop fantasizing about Brad Pitt.

The day that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up was the best day of Marie's life. But her kids, Jordan and Joelle, who were already fed up with their mom's Brad Pitt obsession, figured she'd only get more out of touch with reality. "She thinks that she's actually going to meet him and marry him one day," Jordan reveals. "She's past that point of reality."


Marie admits that she can go overboard with what she calls her "Bradley" fantasies. "I drive my children crazy with my Bradley," she says. "They roll their eyes every time I talk about him."


She drinks coffee every morning out of a Brad Pitt mug and has pictures of the actor all over her house. "I have posters of him in my little powder room so when I go in there to use the bathroom, there's some great pictures of Brad. I've watched Legends of the Fall, I would say at least 100 times," she confesses.


Her 10-year-old daughter, Joelle, tries to be the voice of reason. "You really need to get over Brad Pitt. It's never going to happen," she tells Marie.


Jordan turns to Dr. Phil for help. "I know that teenagers are obsessed with celebrities, but I didn't know mothers were. Is that normal?"

Marie is so distracted looking at the graphic of Brad Pitt, that Dr. Phil waves to get her attention. "Tell me why you think it's normal to be so obsessed with someone," he asks her.


"It's normal for me," she replies. "Looking at Brad, I think it's normal to be obsessed with him."


Dr. Phil observes that her ultimate goal is to be Mrs. Brad Pitt. "What is it about Brad that has you so mesmerized?" he wonders.


"He's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Sexy as could be. I like the fact that he loves children and wants to have a family and I happen to have a family already," she says matter-of-factly.


Dr. Phil quips, "How handy is that?"


"Absolutely perfect! We're the same age. I also like his acting, I think he's wonderful in his movies. So there's a lot of things," Marie points out.

Dr. Phil highlights Marie's obsessive traits: "You've got his pictures on the fridge. You drink from a Bradley mug. You have posters in the powder room. You have pictures on the door in your bedroom, the TV cabinet, the nightstand. You just wear the kids out about him ... You had dental surgery. They told you not to talk for 24 hours, but he got split from Jennifer at 14 hours and you just had to be the town crier on that."


"I had to call some friends," she replies sheepishly.


Marie has said her obsession is a good one because it puts a spring in her step. Dr. Phil asks, "What are you going to do when he hooks up with somebody else?"


"I won't be as happy," she admits. "I found that I'm happier since I heard about his breakup, because I'm certainly not wanting to lust after a married man."


Dr. Phil counters, "It hasn't bothered you so far!"

"What's so bad about your real life?" Dr. Phil probes.


When Marie tells him that there's nothing bad about her life, Dr. Phil takes her to task. "There must be because you're living in this fantasy life about meeting somebody who you don't really know. You don't really know anything about him. Don't you think that you might be putting so much energy into this that you would be upset if it just never happens?" he questions.


"Well, I always believe in possibilities," Marie laughs.


Dr. Phil asks, "What about meeting some guy? Is that a possibility?"


"Oh, definitely. I'm not holding out for Brad, believe me," Marie assures him. When she does have a boyfriend, she hopes he'll be tolerant of her obsession, but would curtail it if she had to. "I was married for 17 years. My husband died of cancer and while he was alive, he indulged my fantasy. He bought posters for me. He took me to the movies," she explains.

Turning to Marie's son, Jordan, Dr. Phil asks, "Is she just driving you nuts with this?"


"Oh, it's crazy," he agrees. "I hear about it all the time. Every day, there's something new."


When Dr. Phil mentions that Marie makes her son watch Brad Pitt's movies, Jordan explains, "When I was little she made me watch Meet Joe Black, and I was this little 7-year-old kid."

Addressing Marie, Dr. Phil tries to get her to understand the problem with her infatuation. "Don't you think that seriously might set you up for disappointment if you never meet him, which you probably won't — unless you stalk him, in which case you'll meet him in the courtroom."


"I'm not willing to go that far," Marie jokes.


Dr. Phil suggests that the hours Marie fantasizes and reads about Brad Pitt might be better spent pursuing a realistic passion. Taking her kids' side, he adds, "Plus you wouldn't drive them nuts!"