Celebrity Obsessed: Wayne

Celebrity Obsessed: Wayne
Wayne is constantly being mistaken for Dr. Phil when he goes out in public.

"I can almost guarantee when I'm out in public, people will mistake me as Dr. Phil," says Wayne. "It happens constantly. People will do double takes. They'll stare at me. They'll talk and point their finger."


As Dr. Phil's popularity has increased, more people than ever think Wayne is a celebrity. "Even when I visited his offices, several of the staff thought that I was Dr. Phil. When I first saw him, I was amazed at how much I looked like him."


In addition to both men being 6'4" and 240 pounds, Wayne sees other similarities. "He's been married for about 28 years. I've been married for 31 years. He has two kids. I have two kids," he points out.


People now approach him on the street and ask for autographs and advice. Wayne admits that initially he was uncomfortable with the attention. "Now I'm learning to enjoy it and have fun with it," he says.

Dr. Phil brings Wayne onstage. After looking him over, he asks, "Do you give advice?"


"Well, actually I do have a counseling ministry in Dallas so I do do that," Wayne tells him.


When Dr. Phil questions if Wayne gives advice as him, Wayne replies,

"No. I'm not going to do that. Although your staff had me out at the Farmer's Market the other day and it was tough not to take advantage of some of the situations."


Dr. Phil admits that sometimes people approach him, unsure if he is really Dr. Phil, saying, 'I know you're not, but you look just like Dr. Phil.' If I'm in a hurry, I'll often say, 'I know, I hear that a lot.' But you have fun with it."


"I do," Wayne tells him.