Cheaters Caught on Tape

Cheaters Caught on Tape
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.After the show, many of the audience members have questions for Darren, founder of the Ashley Madison Agency, one of many Web sites that caters to married men and women looking to have an

"Do you have children?" a woman asks him.

"Yes, I do. I have a 4-month-old daughter," he replies.

"How do you look at her and say, 'It's OK, at some age when you're married, to go outside of the marriage?" she asks.

"I wouldn't suggest to her that she looks outside her marriage. As I mentioned prior, if you're having a problem with your relationship, you've got to get counseling," Darren replies. "But I'm going to support her in all her life decisions no matter what they are. And I'm going to hope that I can raise her in a manner that will make her a confident individual, that she'll make those intelligent choices."

A man says, "You look like a very intelligent person. Where's your moral compass?" The audience applauds. "At best, it seems to me that you're enabling a really destructive practice. I don't understand that. I know it's business, but is business always conducted in the absence of any moral or ethical consideration?"


"But you can say that about any tool in society that enables somebody to have an affair, whether it's a motel room, whether it's the escort pages of your local Yellow Pages," Darren responds and the audience grumbles. "Well, they are! Who do you think the customers are of escorts? Single men?" When a woman disagrees, he continues, "Well, is it the money issue? Because this is America. You're entitled to make a profit ... Microsoft and Yahoo have chatrooms called Married But Flirting ... I make no apologies for making a profit. We pay tax into the system. We hire people. That's what it's all about." When the woman continues to argue with him, he explains, "We don't enable people to have affairs. We don't coach them. We don't give them false alibis. We don't tell them how to remove lipstick from their collar." He informs her that the majority of affairs start in the workplace. "People who are going to cheat will totally find their way."