Cheaters Caught on Tape

Cheaters Caught on Tape
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.Bill Mitchell, a private investigator and author of The More You Know: Getting the Evidence and Support You Need to Investigate a Troubled Relationship, describes the eight signs of adultery.

  • Defensive Behavior:
    Adulterers become overly sensitive, touchy or closed about their actions.

  • Changes in Affection and Sexual Activity:
    The adulterer merely goes through the actions and doesn't satisfy his/her spouse anymore.

  • Financial Woes:
    The adulterer buys things to please.

  • Communication Problems:
    Adulterers quickly make up needed stories and excuses.

  • Unexplained Absences:
    When your spouse is spending too much time at the same place, you should be wary.

  • The Need to be Alone:
    Spouses who use excuses to get out of the house create suspicion.

  • Pattern and Lifestyle Changes:
    Dramatic changes have a reason. If you have no clues for them, probe for answers to these patterns and lifestyle changes.

  • Wardrobe Renovation:
    Be suspicious when your partner's clothing is inappropriate for certain appointments/events.