Cheerleader Scandal: A Mother's Message

Cheerleader Scandal: A Mother's Message

Dr. Phil visited Brandi in the facility where she is an inmate. He asked for her thoughts about what Daniel's mother, Sheila, must be feeling now.

"I know she has a lot of pain and I know she has a lot of hurt and I can understand that completely," Brandi says.

"Let me tell you some things that she said to us," says Dr. Phil. "She said, 'There is no way Brandi could not have known that she hit him. She said that he jumped in front of the car, but Daniel would have known better than that. There is no doubt in my mind that this was intentional. There is nothing you could ever say to bring my son back. You don't realize the pain that you have

caused our family. And I could never ever forgive her. She got a break in court, a slap on the wrist.'"


"'We were told that it was going to be first degree murder with no chance of parole. And then she only got 12 years. Every time we entered the courtroom, we were ridiculed. Brandi said, "He got what he deserved." I will never have any grandchildren from Daniel. I will never see my son graduate from high school. I will never see him get married. I think her mother is a piss-poor mother. I don't care how much I love my child, I would never lie for him. She has ruined our lives.' What do you say to that?"

 "I mean, there's nothing that I can say to tell them it was an accident," says Brandi, "because no matter what I say, they're not going to believe it. If you look in the police reports, it shows that it was an

accident." As tears begin to stream down her face, Dr. Phil hands his handkerchief to her. She continues, "And while they say that he would never do something like this, they're also the ones that said he would never beat me like he did. And as far as my mom being a piss-poor mother, my mom is the strongest woman I have ever met in my life. She has not once lied for me and for her to even say something like that isn't deserved because my mom has never lied."

Dr. Phil asks, "Are you sorry for what happened to him?"

"Yes, I am," she says through tears.

"Are you sorry for the pain that you caused to his family?" he asks.

"Yes, I am," she says.
Back in his studio, Dr. Phil asks Sherri to tell him what she thinks after hearing this exchange.

"Well, it just angers me for somebody to say I'm a piss-poor mom, and that I would lie," she responds. "Because, when the police took my daughter into custody, my husband and I went out to the scene of the crime and we retraced it all over. And we took a camcorder and we tried to do it the way that she remembered it happening. And we tried to do it the way that his family said it happened. Because before I would hire her an attorney — I've always told my kids, 'You do the crime, you pay the time.' and at no time could it have happened the way they said it happened."

Dr. Phil asks Sheila, "Do you believe that she is sincere in this?"

"No. No, I don't," she says. "You weren't there. You have her word only. She's already lied in court."

Dr. Phil turns to Daniel's family. "Let me ask you guys something," he

says. "Would you feel differently if you knew this was unintentional?"

"If it was truly unintentional, yes," Sheila says. "It might change things. But it's not going to change the fact that my son is dead."

Turning to Brandi's family, he asks, "Can you envision this family healing and helping Josh with anything short of her being released?"

"No. No," Sherri replies.

"So at this point, if she's in there for 12 years, you're going to continue the anger and the bitterness that you're feeling — and I'm not judging you for feeling it. I'm just asking you — You think it will be that way until the day she walks out that prison door?" he asks.

"I do," Sherri confirms.

Dr. Phil surveys the damage this tragedy has wreaked on both

families. He says, "When I say that this has a ripple effect, Daniel's life is lost. And you all don't dispute that that is a tragic, tragic loss."

"It's a very tragic loss," Sherri says.

"And your daughter's in prison. And it tears up two families. And I hate to see that. I mean, that's so much suffering. And then the families go through this as well," says Dr. Phil.