Cheerleader Scandal: What Brandi Would Say

Cheerleader Scandal: What Brandi Would Say

Dr. Phil asks Brandi what she would say to Daniel's mother.

"There's nothing that I could say to bring him back. And I can't say I completely understand the pain that she goes through," she begins. "I'm sorry I took those experiences away from her. I'm sorry that I took everything away from her."

"What would you say to Daniel if he was here right now?" he asks, as Brandi wipes her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she says through her tears. "I'm sorry that I took everything away from you. I'm sorry that I took life's experiences away from you. I'm sorry I took you away from your family. I'm sorry for everything."

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil asks Sherri, "Why do you think she should be released at this point?"

"Keeping her in jail is not going to change any more," Sherri replies. "I mean, all it's doing is sentencing her to 12 more years of what? Of pain? Well, she's going to live that pain for the rest of her life. I mean she's going to close her eyes every night and know that she took a life. She doesn't have to be in prison to know this. She lives that memory and that nightmare every night."

Dr. Phil addresses Brandi's family. "Assume that she has to be there for the entire rest of this 12 years. Do you not recognize that you are burdening her further by not taking care of who you are? By not taking care of yourself as her mother and her father. By not standing
up as her brother and saying, 'You can't walk these streets with your head held high proving that you're a good person and a good citizen, but I'll do it for you.'"


Next, he turns to Daniel's family. "The same thing is true with you guys. I'll never tell you I know how you feel. You can't possibly know it if you haven't experienced it. But at some point, don't you have to try and heal your hearts, and try and find the strength to forgive and try to move on in some way?" he asks.

"Well, there will never be forgiveness. Never," asserts Daniel's sister, Crystal.

"Forgiveness is not about the person that you forgive," Dr. Phil explains. "It's not about them. It's about you. It's about setting yourself free from the anger and the bitterness, and the hatred, because as long as you're filled with that, Crystal, then it's like you and Brandi are locked together like that every single day. And you allow it to control your life. I'm just trying to be selfish on your behalf. I'll do what I can to help both families to heal. I'm not saying that you guys are going to go on a picnic together next Sunday, or something. I'm not asking you to force yourselves on each other but've got to do something to try and say, 'We've got to get some peace about this' so it doesn't just eat you alive.

"I don't think anybody will ever know what happened that night," Dr. Phil continues. "The only two people that could know for sure are Daniel and Brandi. Clearly, both families have a vested interest in this, but there comes a point in time, I think in every family, when you have to realize that there is another brother, there is a daughter, and you have to try and heal and move on."