Gaga over Her Grandkids
Robin joins Dr. Phil onstage and reads the letter Jan sent to her:

Dear Robin:

I heard your husband refer to you recently as a woman who was born to be a mother, and you're soon to be a grandmother. I believe I was born to be both too. I am now a proud grandmother of three. I quit my corporate job three years ago after my first grandson was born, because I wanted to have him one day a week. I didn't want to be ‘Daycare Grammy.' I wanted to be ‘Fun Grammy.' I told my kids that I am not the only crazy grandparent out there, and I'm on a mission to unite my people!"

[AD]Dr. Phil addresses Jan, who joins the show via Polycom. "This has been a great joy for you, to tell the truth, right?" he asks.

"Yes, it's been delightful. I can't even express how fun it is," Jan replies. She tells Dr. Phil that her grandchildren are 3, 1 and 4 months. She admits that she is so into all things grandparents, that she started the Web site Grand Crazy. "It's crazy in a good way."

"What's the question you wanted to ask Robin about me?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"I suspect that Robin is really excited about being a grandmother and anticipating and thinking about it. But Robin, how do you think Dr. Phil is anticipating being a grandfather, and do you believe he's prepared for the way it's going to impact him?" Jan asks.

Hear Robin's response!

[AD]Jan's second question to Robin is whether she has a grandmother named picked out, or if she's going to wait to see what the baby calls her.



"[My daughter-in-law] Erica has always called me Blossom. From the moment I met her, she called me Blossom," Robin says. "We thought that would be an adorable grandma name. But then I'm thinking, I bet I just will let that little girl call me whatever she wants. Whatever she calls me, I'll love it."