Sex Slaves

"I met Greg when I was 14. Greg immediately put me to work on the street. He made me do things that I never imagined myself doing," says Sheri, now 28. "Being with the men made me feel so disgusting."


"He ran one of the largest prostitution rings on the West Coast. It consisted of 300 girls," says Wendy, another of Greg's alleged victims. "I was 16 when I got pregnant with his child. He was like, ‘If you love your daughter, you will sell your body for her.' I turned my first trick when I was 17."


Wendy recalls her first paid sexual encounter. "As the man got on top of me, I just remember being so scared. I handed Greg the money. I just started throwing up. I felt like I threw up my soul that day," she reveals. 

"You'd get beat if you didn't bring what he wanted: $1,000 a night from each of us," Sheri shares. "Greg stabbed me in my chest. He stabbed me and stabbed me. I thought I was going to die."

Wendy remembers Greg beating girls with telephone cords, belts and tire irons.

"He can beat you, and then five minutes later have you back with him," Sheri says.


Wendy and Sheri say it was made clear to the girls that they were Greg's captives. "I remember going to the store one time. As I got out the door, he goes, ‘Don't even think of doing anything stupid. I will find you. I will kill you,'" Wendy shares. "It was 13 years that I lived as this man's slave. I escaped [and] got into a domestic violence shelter."

As she wipes away tears, Sheri says, "I left Greg, and I don't have to sell myself anymore. My biggest fear is Greg finding me."

"You were saying that you have to turn $1,000 a night," Dr. Phil says to the women. "What if you don't meet his expectations?"

"You get beat or you get tortured," Wendy says.

Greg has plead guilty to prostitution charges and is currently in jail. Dr. Phil asks the women if they feel comfortable talking to him over the phone during the show.

"I want to hear him," Sheri says, wiping away tears.

"I'm here for her," Wendy says.

Greg joins the conversation, and Dr. Phil says to him, "I find it disgusting to talk to you, frankly, because of what you have done. I'm just curious what you say about that. What you say about controlling these women for all of these years, exploiting them, beating them, abusing them."

"I wasn't beating nobody. I was in a prostitution ring. This was nine years ago," he says. "I've got my life together. We were in prostitution. This is what we did, and I regret all of that." Becoming angry, he continues, "I did what I've done, and I am sorry. I ask that they forgive me, instead of all this hatred. It was not like that. This woman waited for me eight-and-a-half years. If I was such a bad person beating up people, nobody was going to the hospital. She said I beat her with a crowbar ""

"You say you want to be forgiven, that you're sorry for this, so own it now," Dr. Phil says to Greg. "Did you or did you not take advantage of teenage girls?"

"Yeah, of course, it wasn't a forced thing or anything. That was my life nine years ago," Greg says. "Since I've been out [of the business], I've been doing the right thing that I'm supposed to be doing. I'm sorry for what I've done."

"What do you think the effect is of a man exploiting a 14-, 15-year-old girl and prostituting her year after year after year?" Dr. Phil asks. "What do you think the effect on their life is after the fact?"

"It could be affected, yes. But one, she was not 14 years old. I didn't meet Wendy until I was in high school," Greg says.

"How much did you make off these girls a night?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It wasn't $1,000 a night. It was $300 or $400 a person," he says. "That's about it."

"We're talking about $600 to $800 a night prostituting two girls," Dr. Phil says.

"It's not a forced thing," Greg says. "I bettered my life. I know it's wrong."

The women choose to not respond to Greg.