Cleaning Up after a Slob?
“One of my biggest problems with my husband is I couldn’t pay him money to clean up,” Cam says. “I’m pretty sure if you typed in ‘slob’ on the Internet, it’s very possible his picture would pop up.”

“My wife calls me a slob all the time,” Kyle says with a smile. “She nitpicks about my sock being here, or my shoe being over there.”

“I’m like, ‘I don’t want to nag, I just want you to do common sense things,” Cam stresses.

“I’m a guy. I’m guilty of it — sometimes,” Kyle says.

“Me and my husband argue a lot about chores because my husband is a chauvinistic pig, and he feels like this whole feminist movement ruined marriage,” she says.

“I’m very traditional,” Kyle admits. “The man goes out, makes the money, brings home the bacon. The wife can work if she wants to, but the wife pretty much handles the things at home.”

“Cleaning is women’s work, cooking is women’s work, dealing with children is women’s work,” Cam says, voicing her husband’s opinions.

“I bought her a $1,500 vacuum that she doesn’t use more than maybe once a week,” Kyle says.

[AD]“Who vacuums more than once a week?” she asks. “And if you would eat at our dining table, I wouldn’t have to vacuum!”

“If you buy a $1,500 vacuum, you should use the vacuum every day for everything. I don’t care — vacuum the grass outside!” Kyle says.

“Whenever I leave the house, I feel like I’m being harassed. It can be an hour, and he’s texting, ‘How much longer?’ I’m like, ‘I just left!’” Cam says.

“If Cam and I swap roles, I think that he and I would be just fine,” he says, regarding their 3-year-old son.
“I would love to help you, but I don’t see the problem,” Dr. Phil jokes. “I’m just kidding!”

Cam says Kyle works very hard at his career but is lazy at home. “All I want him to do is pick up after himself. Don’t leave the butter on the kitchen counter — put it back in the refrigerator!”

“Was he like Mr. Clean before you got married?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Absolutely,” she says. Kyle disagrees, but Cam says it was the classic bait and switch.

“Dr. Phil, once they lock you in, then they try to change everything up on you,” Kyle says. He says he doesn’t consider himself a slob, but he was never that clean either.

Cam says she even had to pick up after Kyle at the hotel. “He had to change his clothes, and it’s a trail from the door to the bathroom,” she says, exasperated.

“I could have gotten it after the show, no problem, but women want you to do it when they say do it, and if you don’t do it then, then you’re in trouble,” Kyle says.

Cam asks him, “I’m in charge of the household, correct?”

“Yes,” he says.

[AD]“So then shouldn’t I make the household rules?” she asks.

The women in the audience applaud.

“So, what happens if you just leave it there?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I have silent protests, as I like to call them, and it does not bother him one bit,” Cam says.

Dr. Phil offers a suggestion, and Robin chimes in!
Cam says the only time she can escape her household duties is for choir practice or getting her nails done. And even then, after just a couple of short hours, Kyle calls, asking her where she is and when she’ll be back.

See Cam attempt to run errands outside the home. Will Kyle get any of the household chores done?

Cam says it’s not that her husband just doesn’t help — he adds to the problem. “Did you see all his stuff? My 3-year-old picks up more than him,” she says.

“How am I adding to the problem when we wouldn’t even have a house to throw clothes on the floor in if I wasn’t being the provider?” Kyle says.

“Here he goes. He thinks because he has a job, I should jump for joy and pick up his stuff,” Cam tells Dr. Phil.

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?” Dr. Phil asks Kyle, regarding providing for the family.

“Absolutely. I’m very traditional,” he says.

“He wants credit for that!” Cam exclaims.  

[AD]“I think there are certain roles within a household, and since I’m bringing home the bacon, her job is at home,” Kyle says.

“Well, it looks to me that if you brought home the bacon, you’d just throw it on the floor,” Dr. Phil jokes.

“Exactly,” Cam says.