Columbine-Like Shooting Foiled

Columbine-Like Shooting Foiled

School Shooting Update

As families of the victims of the homecoming shooting in Crandon, Wisconsin continue to grieve, families in another part of the country are breathing a sigh of relief upon hearing that a potential shooting plot against a local school has been foiled.

Dillon Cossey, who was arrested Wednesday, was allegedly preparing for an attack against Plymouth Whitemarsh High School in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, authorities said. The teen previously attended middle school in the district but had been taught at home for more than a year. Authorities say he built up a stash of weapons with the help of his mother, Michele Cossey.

Could this attack have been prevented? Anyone looking for a warning sign need look no further than Cossey's MySpace page, which pays a multimedia tribute to the perpetrators of the Columbine High School shootings, and which lists the Columbine massacre as one of his interests.

If you suspect someone you know might be planning an attack of any kind, contact your local authorities.