Wedding Shocker
Dr. Phil reflects on the fate that befell Tina and Nate. "This is just unbelievable. This woman had been in jail for another scam before this, so she's just a con artist," he says. "How did she find you or you find her?"
"I went on a wedding website and requested some information. She contacted me through that and said she only works on references and referrals, and she provided me with four to six references. I contacted them. We met with her, and she was nice. We let her into our home. I cooked for her. We were friends," Tina recounts.
[AD]"She paid for a lot of things that she lined up with a stolen credit card," Dr. Phil observes. "That meant those things weren't really paid for."
"Nothing was paid for," Nate adds.
"So you had to pay for all of that, and then you had to pay extra for what wasn't done," Dr. Phil says. "What's the lesson here? What would you do differently?"
"Everything," Tina says.
"Run to Vegas," Nate chimes in.
"I waited so long to meet the man of my dreams. She took the one experience that all women are supposed to have and smashed it to pieces," Tina says. "So what I would do differently is not hire her. I would run away as well. I wouldn't do this again."
"Has it affected the way you two get along?"
"It's not easy. The money situation is really tough, because we didn't plan on starting our life together being broke and in debt," Tina says, her voice breaking.
[AD]"It's one thing to lose the day, it's another thing to lose the money, but if you lose the relationship because the stress gets you and you just start barking out at each other out of frustration, that would be the really tragic loss here," Dr. Phil tells the couple. "This too will pass, and you will have a great story to tell your grandkids."
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