Competing for the Title: The Opposition

The Opposition

Jeri says she regrets putting her then 11-year-old daughter in beauty pageants. "You don't think about what happens after the pageants. They compare themselves to everybody." 

Guests chime off in opposition of beauty pageants.


[AD]Dr. Phil presents the positive side to pageants. "You can start this too young, but I do think one of the things that has got to come from pageants is these girls gaining in confidence, learning composure and conducting themselves in a lady-like fashion. I just don't think they should be dressed up and painted up like they are," Dr. Phil says. "I worry about sending a message to a little girl that says, ‘You are not competitive unless we put you in an $8,000 dress or make you look different.' That, psychologically, troubles me when a child is very young and at such a vulnerable age."