Competing for the Title: The Pushy Stage Sister

The Pushy Stage Sister

"Dads are not the only driving force behind their little girls," Dr. Phil says. "Nancy says her 15-year-old daughter, Peggy, is obsessed with her 4-year-old sister becoming a beauty queen."

Nancy says Peggy is a pushy stage sister who critiques 4-year-old Bridget.

"If I had it my way, Bridget would be practicing every day for at least two hours," Peggy says. "When I ask Bridget to practice, she will cry and scream, throw herself on the ground and kick. She'll do everything she can to get out of practicing."

"I think Peggy living her fantasy through Bridget is not allowing Bridget to be who Bridget is going to be," Nancy says.

[AD]"I can argue both sides of the pageant. I've said what I don't like about them. I don't like dressing children up other than what is age-appropriate attire. It can be very confusing [for the child]. The rest of it, I can argue either side," Dr. Phil says. "Forget the pageants, let's talk about the prep and the dynamic of what's going on with this child being coerced into doing something she clearly doesn't want to do."

Nancy says it's the practicing that her young daughter fights. She says adamantly she doesn't allow Peggy to force Bridget to practice.


Cameras capture the shocking way Peggy treats her sister.

"The critical thought in people's minds right now is your leadership as a mother in allowing your 15-year-old daughter to coerce this child into doing something that is not age-appropriate for her," Dr. Phil says.

Peggy resorts to name-calling and mocking her 4-year-old sister.

"Do you think it's good for Bridget to participate in pageants?" Dr. Phil asks Nancy.


The mother says she thinks it's good for Bridget to participate in anything she likes to do. "If it's pageants, if it's horses, if it's gymnastics, [it's OK]," Nancy says. She continues that she doesn't care one way or the other if Bridget wins or loses, but Peggy does.

[AD]"You need to decide whose agenda is going to be run here," Dr. Phil tells Nancy. "I coached basketball for 14 years at the YMCA. I started when Jay was 5 years old and in our first season, we were 0 and 16. We were 0 and 12 before we ever hit the rim. But they didn't seem to know." He tells her she needs to control Peggy. He then turns to Peggy to provide insight. "You are so important to [Bridget]. Your approval is so important to her. If we happened to catch these things on tape the only time you've ever said them " it still is not OK."