Conned By a Con Artist: Exclusive

After the show, a woman from the audience asks Dr. Phil, "You talk about taking back your power. What is the best way to really do that?"

"The way we know the world is by what we say to ourselves about it," Dr. Phil begins. "I've said before, it takes 1,000 "Atta boys" to overcome one, "You're worthless and no good." And what happens is, you get negative input, like you guys all have," he says, gesturing to some of the guests from his show who fell victim to con artists, "and then the negative input stops. But then you take over for them and repeat it in your head. When you get a loop in your head, you'll sometimes repeat things as many as 10,000 times a day automatically in your mind. It's not even at a conscious level. So what has to happen to get your power back is you have to put up a huge stop sign. It's literally called Thought Stopping. You've got to
stop the thoughts, and it always help to write them down." Dr. Phil suggests writing down the negative thoughts you say to yourself and then taking a step back. "It really gives you some objectivity. It's hard to be objective about yourself. But then, you can look at them and say, 'Wow. I'm saying that to myself.'"


He also suggests using his four-question Litmus Logic Test, which requires you to think about the thoughts you are saying to yourself, and decide if they are true. "Those are the four things that you have to have to test, and take your power back. And each time you fail something you have to generate an alternative," he explains.