Conned By a Con Artist: Julie

Conned By a Con Artist: Julie

"I think Ed is the biggest liar that ever walked the Earth. Ed had told me he'd only been married one time. I later found out that I am wife number six," says Julie. "When Ed proposed, there were no bells and whistles, he just asked me if I wanted to get married. Our wedding was just the two of us at the courthouse. Ed never told his kids that we had gotten married. He told me that he didn't want them to miss school."


Julie's income was the only money they had. "We lived paycheck to paycheck. The bills just kept piling up," she explains. "Looking back, there was always money for anything Ed wanted to do. Golf clubs for $105, airline ticket for $143. Ed ruined my credit to the point I was forced to file bankruptcy." Julie eventually found out that Ed was seeing multiple women while they were married, and he was taking them out. "He's spending money on other women while I'm struggling to make ends meet. 

"In 2000, things started getting rocky. Ed started making trips to Washington D.C. Later I found out that he was seeing Sandra up there," Julie says. "On September 11, 2001, Ed was to be at a

meeting at the Pentagon. I was at work, and we get a call telling us that the Pentagon had been hit. I just remember saying, 'Oh my God, my husband's there!' I later found out that he was at Sandra's house watching this on her TV ...  If Ed took a lie-detector test, he would pass with flying colors, because he believes all of his own bullsh*t.


"A week after, I came home from work, and I went into the bedroom, and there was a letter on the bed from Ed," Julie says. She reads part of the letter, "'Julie, this was a very distressful day for me. I am at wit's end with no way out. I need evidently more than you are willing or know how to give. I need a woman that puts me first in her life.' Ed wasn't even man enough to tell me to my face that he thought we needed to split."

"In April of this year, I received a call from a police officer asking me if I knew Ed and if we were still married. I told him that yes, we were still married. I was shocked to discover there was another Mrs. Hicks," Julie says. "There was a sense of hurt, anger, betrayal. It was very disturbing to know that he actually would marry her when we weren't divorced.


"I worry that other women will experience the hurt and the devastation. I don't think I could ever trust a man again," Julie admits. 


Julie joins Dr. Phil and Sandra onstage. "There was a long time that you didn't suspect anything, and then it started building a little at a

time," Dr. Phil says to her.

"In a phone conversation with my stepdaughter, I had heard Sandra's name mentioned. I thought he was probably living with her. I had no idea, however, they were married," Julie explains.

Dr. Phil lists Ed's marriages. "We've got Audrey, whom he married back in 65, but then he had a son with her half-sister Sharon, and so he married Sharon," he explains. "Then Sharon caught him cheating with his third wife, Monica. So he gets rid of Sharon and marries Monica. And then he invites Monica's friend to live with him, and this leads to Johnette becoming wife number four, but he forgot to divorce Monica ... So allegedly he's married to Johnette and Monica at the same time. Then he finally gets rid of Johnette, and then he marries Rose Marie."

"Correct," Julie says.

"And he's still married to Rose Marie when he marries you," Dr. Phil says to Julie. "And then he's still married to you when he marries [Sandra]."

"Correct," both women say.