True Love or Love of Money?

"Sanjay and I met on," says Jacqueline. "I am 18, and he is 40. I call Sanjay 'Daddy.' I think it's sexy and he thinks it's sexy."  

Sanjay, a wealthy cosmetic surgeon, is very happy with his relationship. "Jacqueline is the sexiest woman in the world. It's very hard for me to keep my hands off of Jacqueline."

Not everyone is happy with their union. Sanjay's friend, Michael, voices his disapproval. "I've known Sanjay and his family for the past 10 years. What bothers me about Jacqueline is do you think she'd want to be with Sanjay if he was any Slurpee salesman at 7-Eleven? I don't think so," he says. "It's a form of legal prostitution. She's completely trainable in all aspects."

Jacqueline is unfazed by the naysayers. "I do believe that Sanjay and I will be married one day," she says. "A gold digger is not what I am, though. What a gold digger is, is somebody who is merely looking for a very wealthy man. I would be with Sanjay if he lost everything."

Sanjay has purchased a Mercedes-Benz for Jacqueline. He also flies her first class from Texas when she visits him in California, and likes to lavish her with expensive gifts. "I'm excited about helping Jacqueline develop into a woman. She's obviously still very young," he says. "Our relationship is not being taken seriously by our friends and family. Everybody thinks I'm having a midlife crisis, and that she's got a little schoolgirl crush on me."

Giving Sanjay a quizzical smile, Dr. Phil says, "What the hell are you thinking? You went on and registered, right?"

Sanjay replies, "Yes, I did."

Turning to Jacqueline, Dr. Phil says, "You were just aghast at some of the things [Mike] said, right?"

"I don't know why he said some of that stuff. It's not true," Jacqueline says. 

"What's not true?" Dr. Phil inquires. 

"Legal prostitution. It's not prostitution. I never sold my body for money," Jacqueline replies. "That's ridiculous."

Sanjay agrees. "Dr. Phil, look at me. I'm really cute. I'm charming. I've very smart. I don't need to pay for anything," he says with a laugh. "I actually went on that site after my best friend, who was on the site, had said, 'This is you. You have always been a sugar daddy. You take care of your friends. You take everybody out. You take care of your patients. Any woman that you're with, you shower them with gifts. This site was made for you.' This is my nature."

Dr. Phil shows a graphic of Sanjay's profile on "You say on your profile that you're 37. That, by the way, is a lie, right?" 

"I told the producers that when they contacted me. Everything else is accurate," Sanjay replies. 

"You said, ‘My perfect girl, you perhaps, would likely be under 25, size 0 to a 4. You will find me very generous. I truly enjoy being the ‘Daddy,'" Dr. Phil reads. "I'm sorry, but that just creeps me out."


When Dr. Phil comments on the sexy images on Jacqueline's profile, she says, "They're artistic modeling photos."

"Like Hustler magazine is artistic," Mike chimes in.

"No, it's not. I'm not naked in those photos," Jacqueline says.

Dr. Phil points out that her profile says: "My modeling career is what I'm working on now. I would definitely not mind networking with anyone … Men, are you interested in helping me? I am currently looking for someone to spend time with, and who wants to spoil me."

Turning to Mike, Dr. Phil says, "What's your fear for your friend?"

"That she's going to work him. I've known Sanjay for 10 years. I know what a real love relationship is," Mike replies. Turning to Jacqueline, he says, "If you loved him, you wouldn't make some of the demands you make upon him. You'd be understanding, caring and giving. And you're not. You're a spoiled brat!"

Breaking down into tears, Jacqueline says, "It's not fair for him to call me names. I'm not even a spoiled brat. I come from a poor family. I was not looking for anyone to necessarily buy me gifts. What I was looking for was somebody who wouldn't mind paying for dinner. At home, I don't have anything. It's not fair for you to say that. You don't know me like that."

"I don't even want to know you," Mike scoffs.

"What's my middle name?" Jacqueline taunts.
"Gold digger. Jacqueline Gold Digger!"

Addressing Sanjay, Dr. Phil asks, "Are you in love with her?"

"I am," he replies.

Dr. Phil is incredulous. "Then it's just amazing to me that you would just sit there like a bump on a log while your friend is just bashing her!" he says.

Mike interjects, "He and I are bros like that. I can speak my mind. It's out of love for him and everything he's doing. This is wrong. It's not just the age. It's who she is."

Turning on Mike, Jacqueline says, "You're not God. You can't judge me like that."

"Oh, believe me. If I was God, there would be a judgment day for you, Gold Digger," Mike rejoins. 

"Are you at all worried yourself about the nature of this relationship? Are you ashamed of it in any way?" Dr. Phil asks Sanjay. 

Sanjay says that he is not. "I have only met two women in my life that I've had serious relationships with who were actually younger than me," he reveals. "My last girlfriend was 41. She was a PhD. The problem was, she wouldn't let me take care of her. She didn't let me be me. She didn't like the gifts, she didn't want the gifts. She wanted to control the relationship 50 percent, and I like the more traditional role." 

"Do you plan on getting married?" Dr. Phil asks Sanjay. 

Sanjay replies, "I'd like to."

"Are you going to have a prenuptial agreement?"

"Never," Sanjay says.

Mike says, "She wouldn't sign one."

Jacqueline defends her position. "If you get married and you have morals, and you believe in God, then you know it's going to be a forever thing. It's a commitment that you make for your whole life," she tells Dr. Phil. "I don't believe in divorce. I don't believe in that. You get married once, and you stay with that person for the rest of your life."

Mike is skeptical. "That's why you met him on You're looking for the love of your life on," he says wryly. 

Dr. Phil notes that Sanjay was previously married for a year and a half before tragically losing his wife to a terminal disease. "You said to me, through our interviews, that you realize that you're still mourning for the loss of your wife, which is totally understandable to me," Dr. Phil sympathizes.

"I think in a healthy way. I have been continuously moving forward," Sanjay says. "I do want something different from my late wife. I don't ever want to dilute that memory. I don't want someone just like her."

Addressing Jacqueline, Dr. Phil says, "How are you with the memory of his wife?"

Mike interrupts before she can speak. "How are you with it? Tell him what your demands are. No pictures of Beth in the house. No memorabilia," he taunts. 

"He had a shrine of her. In every room, there was a picture of her," Jacqueline explains to Dr. Phil. "I just asked if we could take down most of them because it bothers me. He tells me he wants to marry me and have kids with me, yet there are still shrines and pictures of her everywhere."

"I'm not saying that a relationship that is originally formed on could not mutate into something meaningful at some point, but it would seem to me that that would be a place that you would go if you were just looking to just have some fun," Dr. Phil tells Sanjay and Jacqueline.

Jacqueline replies, "I wasn't looking for my soul mate on, but it turned out that way."

"I don't think you're some evil girl. I just think you're a girl. And by girl, I mean you're very young, and you're very impressionable, as opposed to being a full-grown experienced woman," Dr. Phil tells her.  

Addressing Sanjay, Dr. Phil says, "Do you not have concern that if you meet an impressionable young woman from, by her description, a very modest lifestyle, doesn't it worry you that by bringing her in and lavishing her with gifts and taking her to expensive dinners, and having her drive your deceased wife's huge Mercedes around, would you be concerned, ‘Gosh, she might be getting swept up in the lifestyle instead of who I am'?"

"I am always concerned about that," Sanjay says. Yet, he expresses hope for his relationship. "How many men watching today would say, ‘I'm a lot wealthier than that guy. I'll take care of Jacqueline. I'll be happy to'?"