Dads and Daughters
Dr. Phil talks to Chaynah about her abandonment issues.

Dr. Phil invites Robin onstage as an example of how the positive relationship she had with her dad impacted their marriage.


"You had a relationship with your father that you started telling me about when we were dating," Dr. Phil says. He recalls that Robin reprimanded him for behaving badly on a date, something she had learned from her father.


"You had foul language. I remember when you said it, it just flowed right off your tongue," Robin says. "I was just shocked because I was raised to believe that men treat women with dignity and respect always."


She adds that her twin brother wasn't allowed to curse around his female family members, or walk through the house without wearing a shirt. "My father told him daily, 'It is our job as men to respect the women and to honor and love them always,'" she says.

Dr. Phil shows a picture of Robin's father, who died 15 years ago. As Robin wipes her eyes, Dr. Phil comments, "You started whipping me into shape right away. But how has it affected the way you've raised our boys?"


"Every day he told me I was gold to him and I should be treated that way," replies Robin. "I felt so adored and so loved, that I knew that my boys would hear that every day."


Dr. Phil also points out that their sons, Jay and Jordan, have grown up to be respectable young men. "Every Sunday that Jay's in town, he drives 15 miles to his grandmother's house and takes her to church," he says.


Robin agrees. "From the day that both of them were born, I have made it a point to tell them, 'Let me tell you how a woman feels and let me give you an example of what she needs and wants,'" she explains.


Dr. Phil says that men shouldn't underestimate the power of a positive relationship with their children.