Dangerous Daughters: Krista end of show

Dangerous Daughters: Krista end of show

As Janet walks off stage, her emotions run high as she says, "I am very concerned." She tells her daughter, "You'd better stop thinking that you can get away with it, because this is life, and you're going to lose it. It's going to be gone! All gone!"


"I'm going to change, Mommy," Krista promises.



Amy Madrid from La Hacienda sits down and talks with Krista. "I know you've got body stuff. I know you've got self-esteem stuff. You have relationship problems. You start hooking up with guys, and you start breaking the rules because you get comfortable, and Dr. Phil hears about this, he will yank you out of there," she warns.


In a serious tone, with a straight face, Krista says, "I'm going to follow the rules. I will do anything it takes." 

As Krista prepares to leave, her mother cries in her arms, "This is it. You'll die. You'll be gone."


"Mom, I'm doing this," Krista cries.


"Please. For you," Janet says.


"Does she really want it? I'm really not sure," Rich says. "I truly believe she doesn't want to feel the way she does anymore, but I'm not so sure that she's willing to change."


"I'm going to follow the rules. This time I want it," Krista says. "Being on the show changed my life. My family will not spend a single dime on anymore rehabs, and if it wasn't for Dr. Phil, I would be on the streets."


Krista is currently sober and remains in treatment, although she is struggling. Due to her continual infraction of the center's rules, she is closely monitored. Krista could be administratively discharged if her behavior does not change.