Dangerous Daughters: Krista

Dangerous Daughters: Krista

"I'm afraid that my daughter, Krista, is going to die from a drug overdose," says Janet of her 22-year-old. "Krista was the beauty queen. She

had the world in the palm of her hands, and she gave it all up for the ugly world of drugs."


Krista won the Miss Illinois American Queen pageant in 2005. "Winning made me feel powerful, strong, invincible," she shares. "After the Miss Illinois [American Queen] 2005 pageant, I used speed to lose weight, because I struggle with my body image. There was so much competition, and I was scared, so I'd be taking these Adderall pills in heavy amounts, and then smoking weed on top of that to mellow me

down. I started to realize that I needed all of the drugs all at once: Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, Klonopin, Adderall, Ritalin, Valium, Lorazepam, crystal meth, crack cocaine, heroin " snorted and injected " deamphetamine salts, methamphetamine salts, and that's all I can think of right now."


"I was in total shock when I found out that Krista was using," Janet shares. She has taken away Krista's cell phone and car as punishment.


Krista has been in rehab multiple times. "I was overdosing on Xanax and speed. I was seeing double.

I was delusional, and the cops picked me up. Two days later, my parents put me right into a rehab facility," she recalls. After she got out, she relapsed on heroin. "My drug addiction has impacted my family finances because of the rehabs and bailing me out of courts."


Krista admits that she would steal anything she could get her hands on, including her father's credit cards, and use the money for drugs. "I would prostitute myself. I would hustle for money to buy the crack cocaine, and when I didn't get it, I would steal," she reveals. "My parents don't trust me anymore."

Janet captured Krista on tape while she was high. "I was hoping that videotaping Krista, that letting her see it, would make an impact on her, or make her want to change, but she hasn't

seen it," she says. "In my family, there is a sense of doom. She's going to end up in jail, institutions or death, and I can't bear that one. I want to have faith, hope and courage, but after four treatment centers, I think she's so far gone. I don't know."


Krista wants help to change. "I'm a crack and heroin addict with no future," she cries. "They're giving up hope on me. I don't want to die. I don't care what anyone thinks, this is life or death."


Dr. Phil implores Krista to be honest with him. "I'm going to tell you the truth, and I don't have a lot of faith in your answers. And, I'm here trying to help you, and if you start that druggie crap on me,

I will walk your happy ass out of here in two seconds," he tells her. "You don't tell the truth about anything, do you? You lie to avoid. You lie to manipulate and get what you want." He points out that she is high as she sits onstage.

Krista admits that earlier she took a Klonopin out of her mother's purse and ingested it.


Dr. Phil explains that Janet has a prescription for Klonopin, and she takes it as directed, but he says to her, "You leave it in your purse knowing that you're in a room with a druggie, who will steal and sell her body on the street for drugs, and you bring that stuff in and leave it so she can pick it up and take it hours before she comes here to talk to me. Mom, what the hell are you thinking, woman?"


"Where am I supposed to put it?" Janet asks.

"You can lock it in the safe. You can give it to the desk clerk," Dr. Phil says. "You don't leave available drugs around a junkie!" 

Dr. Phil addresses Krista. "If you don't wake up and get real, you're going to be deader than a hammer. Do you understand? You're going to be dead!" he tells her. He points out that she has come close to death by overdosing on two separate occasions. He lists the drugs she has used to get high and asks, "You took Adderall on the airplane. Where did you get that?"

"My mom," Krista says.

"Gee, Mom," Dr. Phil says.

"Dr. Phil, I am in recovery for 22 years," Janet says.

"Then you know you can't trust her," Dr. Phil retorts.

"I lock the vault in our home. She's 22. She shouldn't even be in my home anymore," Janet says, growing emotional.

"Where am I to go, Mom?" Krista asks.

"It's called growing up," Janet says. "Where are all your other friends right now, from high school? They're in college. They're going on with their lives."

"I have a disease. It's called addiction," Krista says to her mother, as she wipes away tears.

"It's a crock, because you've been in four treatment centers, and we can't help you anymore," Janet says, breaking down. "This is national television, Krista. I have risked everything to save you, because I love you so, but you know what? If you don't love yourself, it's not going to work."


"It only works if you work it," Krista says.

Hours after the Dr. Phil cameras left Janet and Krista's house, Krista claimed to be going out for coffee, but instead landed in jail.

"None of us trust Krista anymore," says Janet. "After everyone left last night, Krista went out, and Krista was arrested at 3:00 in the morning for crack cocaine, some pipes, as well as some of my prescription medicine that she stole from me."


This was Krista's second run-in with the law. "The first time she had nothing on her. She was very lucky. Your luck runs out on this disease," Janet says. "Since this arrest has happened, I'm not sure if we'll ever even get the opportunity to see Dr. Phil now. I don't know what's going to happen. We are living moment by moment here."


Dr. Phil explains that the show had to arrange clearance with the state where Krista lives for her to be able to leave and come to Los Angeles for the show, because she's out on bail.

"You were Miss Illinois [American Queen] in 2005, and that was a big accomplishment and big achievement for you," Dr. Phil says to Krista. "You say that was a long way to fall, that when you lost the crown at the end of the year, it was like, â€ƤWhat am I going to do now?'"

Krista nods.

"How did you feel at that moment when it was over?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I felt useless," she says. "Basically, that's when I turned to drugs. That's when I decided that was it."

Janet interrupts the conversation saying, "Every time you show that picture of Krista, high, she's not crying because she sees herself high. She's crying because she sees a heroin addict boyfriend who's in jail right now. That's why she's crying." 

Dr. Phil asks Krista, "You started drinking at age 14, right?"

"Yes, that's correct," she says.

"At age 16, when you were a sophomore, you were drinking before school and at lunch breaks," Dr. Phil reads.

"Yes," Krista says.

"At age 17, you were stealing Zoloft from your mother. At age 18, you started using speed to stay awake and lose weight so you could get through high school, and you tried crack cocaine for the first time," Dr. Phil continues. "At 19, you start to steal. You start taking Adderall in large doses. You're arrested from the department store where you worked for stealing so you could get money to buy drugs, and at that time, you tried heroin for the first time."

"That's true."

"At 20, you overdosed on Xanax and Adderall," Dr. Phil says. "This was all before you finished your reign as Miss Illinois [American Queen], and you used while you were Miss Illinois, did you not?"

"I didn't use crack. I didn't use heroin. I was prescribed Adderall at [a] low dosage," Krista says.

"At 21, you got addicted to heroin. At 22, your dad found you in the bathroom with a needle in your arm," Dr. Phil says. "Proud moment?"

Krista shakes her head.

"You didn't know about this high school stuff?" Dr. Phil asks Janet.

"No," she says, holding back tears.

"You know that this is a chronic situation, and you do know that, at this point, she couldn't stop if she wanted to," Dr. Phil tells Janet. "Drug addiction is a complex disease. You know that," he reminds her. "It is resistant to treatment. It is subject to relapse."

Dr. Phil addresses Krista. "Do you think there's anybody in this room, right now, who can't tell that you're on drugs?" he asks. "Your left eye is only open half as far as your right eye. You're slurring your words, and your affect is flat." And yet, he tells her that he's an incurable optimist. "You've got to understand, if you're going to work with me on this, I'm taking you out of the game. You're dropping out of society. You're dropping out of life for a long time," he says. "These heroin addict boyfriends in prison, I will be his worst nightmare if he so much as tries to contact you." He tells her she needs to break ties with her boyfriend and all her acquaintances in the drug scene. "You're going to have a new set of friends."


Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Frank Lawlis, head of the PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center. "They check people from A to Z: brain function, hormone function, biochemical, physiological, every possible way you can imagine," Dr. Phil tells her.

Dr. Lawlis agrees to work with Krista. "What we need to do is do a 14-phase program where we know every part of you: how your brain works, how your body works, so we know what we're dealing with, and we can go from there," he says.

Dr. Phil also introduces Amy Madrid from La Hacienda Treatment Center.

"I don't know where you've been, and I don't know what you've done, but I'm going to offer you a last chance to turn this around," Dr. Phil says to Krista. "It has one rule, and that's that you be honest."

Amy adds, "This is a tough gig, and you seem to know all the jargon of treatment and a 12-step program " in fact, you both do " but I'm not real sure how much you know how to live it." She asks Janet why she's not in Al-Anon, a program offering help to family members and friends of alcoholics.

"My husband goes to Al-Anon. My daughter goes to Al-Anon," she says.

"You need to go to Al-Anon," Amy says.

"Will you do it?" Dr. Phil asks Janet.

"Yes. Of course," she says.

"This is a long-term thing," Dr. Phil reiterates. "She started drinking and using at 14, and I'll tell you one thing that you know for sure: her social development is arrested at that point. She stops to develop at that point, so you're dealing with somebody who has a 14-year-old mentality and emotionality here." He tells Krista she will go directly from the stage to La Hacienda. "Deal?"

"Deal," Krista says with tears welling in her eyes.