Doing Your Dirty Work
Meet Bradley and learn about



Dr. Phil introduces Bradley, founder of the Web site, who joins the show via Polycom, and asks him, "What's the worst reaction you've ever had breaking up with somebody?"


"The typical. People say they're going to find me and hurt me. They want to find me, and punch me in the face, or kill me or something like that," he says.


"Do you ever say to these people, 'Why are you such a gutless worm that you won't do this on your own?'" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"Sometimes when people contact me, and they don't give me enough good reasons on why they want to break up with the person, I'll refuse their service, because they need to have good reasons why they want to break up," he says.


Dr. Phil mentions that Bradley charges different prices depending on his services. It costs $10 for a significant other breakup, $25 to end an engagement and $50 for a divorce call.


"I've never had to do [the divorce call], and, you know, I hope I never have to do one," Bradley says.

Dr. Phil asks Adiat and Kelly, "What would your reaction be if you got a call from Bradley which just said, 'Hey, I'm calling to break up with you for your boyfriend'?"


"I'd hang up on him, find my boyfriend, and it wouldn't be pretty," Kelly says. "Somebody who I'm with should be open enough with me to say that they don't want to be with me anymore. Yes, rejection is one of the most painful things in the world that always makes you feel like you're not good enough, but what is the world coming to that people can't just say they don't want to be with someone? Because that's OK. We're not built to like everyone, you know? No, it didn't work out, but you can find someone else. You don't have to have someone else do it for you. I just find it really spineless."


Dr. Phil asks Adiat, "You've broken up with [Rico] numerous times on the Internet. You just basically have changed your status from committed or 'In a relationship with,' to ''Single,' and let him find it, right?" 


[AD]"Whatever you do most of the time on Facebook, it comes up as a newsfeed on your friends' profiles," she says. "So that had a significant impact."


Dr. Phil asks Bradley if he has broken up with his past lovers person to person or via technology. 


"I wouldn't use my own service, but sometimes, there are situations where you've tried to break up with the person, and they're not understanding it. You are too passive-aggressive to break up with the person on your own, or maybe there's the possibility that the person might physically harm you," he says.