Sisters on a Mission

Bruce Beresford-Redman, a former producer for the hit show Survivor, became the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, Monica, while on a family vacation in Mexico.

Monica's sisters, Jeane and Carla, feel certain that Bruce killed her.

"Monica and Bruce's marriage was far from perfect. Bruce was unfaithful," Jeane says.

"Monica was always complaining that he wasn't there for her," Carla says.

"They were having horrible fights. Monica said that he was being verbally aggressive, using foul language in front of the kids, he was very impatient, he was treating her very disrespectfully," Jeane recounts. "Monica changed the locks in the house. She told him not to come home. While they were in vacation in Cancun, Monica found out that he was still communicating with his mistress. She was really sad. The next call was three days later. It was from Bruce, telling me that my sister has disappeared. I screamed, ‘What?' And I asked him, ‘How? How did she disappear?' And he started telling me how she left the hotel at 8:30 in the morning to go shopping, without the kids, leaving her cellphone in the room. That is impossible. My sister would never leave for the whole day and leave the kids with him, much less with the cellphone. I felt something really wrong had happened. I booked my trip, and I went to Cancun. They found my sister the next morning, which was her birthday."

[AD]"I hoped it wasn't Bruce, but in my mind, I thought he killed her," Carla says.

"We have worked really hard in order to have justice served in this case," Jeane says. "We are only doing what my sister would have done if that would have happened to any of us."

"I think Bruce should follow the extradition process, go to Mexico and be charged for what he has done," Carla says.

Jeane and Carla sit down with Dr. Phil, along with their attorney, Allison Triessl.

"I'm so terribly sorry for your loss," Dr. Phil tells Monica's siblings. "You believe, at this point, that her husband killed her."

"Yeah, based on all the evidence, and all the inconsistencies, and declarations and also the circumstances where my sister disappeared, there's no other way for me to think," Jeane says.

Allison gives an overview of the case. "He was arrested November 16. He was taken into United States federal custody, and he will await extradition. He is fighting extradition, but there was a bail hearing. He was denied bail, so he remains in custody for the extradition procedure. Mexico has asked that he be tried in Mexico."

"We don't know that he did this," Dr. Phil clarifies. "He hasn't been convicted. These are all allegations … but if he did this, what is his motive?"

[AD]"Well, it's really a combination of things that were going on between Bruce and my sister," Jeane says. "Not just the betrayal in their marriage, but also the financial betrayal."

"But why not get a divorce? If that's the case, you get a divorce and you go on with your life, versus killing somebody and two lives are destroyed " the killer and the victim."

"She wanted to divorce," Jeane says. "But he didn't want a divorce. I think he didn't want to share what they had and also lose the control of everything, especially because of the kids."

Jim Moret is the chief correspondent for Inside Edition and author of Last Day of My Life. He has been following this story closely. He says, "You know, Dr. Phil, you often look closest to the victim to see what went wrong when you're talking about a homicide, and that's why the husband is the first person you look at. You look at the story that he gave authorities and so many things don't add up, and he had the motive and the opportunity, and I'm not here to convict him, but I'm telling you that there is certainly reason to suspect him."

Dr. Phil turns to legal analyst Loni Coombs. "Loni, a prosecutor has a lot to work with here, true?"

[AD]"Absolutely," she says. "I read the warrant that the Mexican authorities put together. There is a lot of evidence, all allegations obviously, but they've got witnesses in the hotel who heard an argument going on in their room, a woman crying out for help. There was blood in the room, on the sheets, on a pillar, on a balcony, that his hotel room key was used that night from midnight to seven in the morning nine times. Somebody was going in and out during the night hours. None of these things fit together. There are allegations that he took out an insurance policy on her a few weeks before the vacation: one for one million and one for $50,000 for accidental death while on a vacation."

Lori has lived directly across the street from Monica and Bruce for almost five years. She says she just doesn't think he's capable of murdering his wife. She gives her condolences to Carla and Jeane. "We've known Monica and Bruce ever since they moved into that neighborhood from the beginning, and they were just a wonderful family. No one's ever seen them fight. It's just completely out of character," she says. 

"That's not exactly how things were, was it?" Dr. Phil asks the sisters.

"No," Jeane says.

"And the affair she had found out was very upsetting to her, and in fact, she had actually moved some money out of accounts and some things to protect herself. That could've been a precipitating event for him," he says.

Allison says, "We know that immediately prior to this vacation, Monica and he had had horrible fights over this extramarital affair. She had confronted the mistress. She had confronted Bruce. She had taken over $100,000 out of their joint account. She had changed the locks on the home, so there were a lot of problems." Bruce also took out life insurance policies for both of them. "But it was trip life insurance, and they had never done that before, and they had travelled internationally before, and it strikes us as very odd, and certainly it strikes the prosecutors as odd that he would take out trip life insurance," she says. 

[AD]"I commend you both for your courage," Dr. Phil tells Jeane and Carla. "I know it would be a lot easier to sit home and internalize all of this, but you're fighting for her, and I hope we're helping keep that message out there in some way."

"Thank you. I appreciate that," Jeane says.

Jeane and Carla have set up a memorial fund for Monica. You can make a contribution at: