Deadly Kids: Carrie and Lance

Deadly Kids: Carrie and Lance

"My 9-year-old son is very violent, and I'm very afraid and fearful of our family's safety," says Carrie. "

Michael threatened to cut his teacher's eyes out with a knife. I called the police and had the police remove Michael from the school." She has also called the police to her house 20 times. "Michael cannot be arrested until he is 10. The police, they are tired of coming to my house. They are waiting until the day that they
can arrest my son."


Camera's in the family's home captured Michael hitting the wall, screaming and hitting the couch.


"Michael has threatened to kill his baby sister. Michael pushed Ineshya into the wall, and she received six stitches on her forehead, and Michael was taken by the police," Carrie shares. "Due to Michael's aggression, I have to keep Ineshya very close to me at all times. My daughter sleeps with me every single night. If I need to go to the bathroom, Ineshya must go to the bathroom with me." During one of Michael's recent episodes, Carrie called the police again. "The police officer did ask Michael, ‘Michael, if I let you go, what will you do?' and he screamed, ‘I will kill my sister.'" He has

also threatened to kill himself.


"I'm in constant worry for the safety of my family when I'm not in the house," says Lance, Carrie's husband. "[Michael] has this fascination of watching everybody sleep."


"Michael has been able to stand over my bed while I was sleeping, which I find very eerie," Carrie says. "My son may have thoughts of killing me."


Lance and Carrie have installed motion detectors in their house to keep an eye on Michael. "If I wake up in the morning and there's a light on, or a door is cracked differently, then I know he's been up," Carrie says.

The couple's neighbor is frightened by their son. "I've seen him swing at his mother. I lock my door, because I don

't know what to expect from him," she says.


Carrie worries that her son's behavior is negatively rubbing off on her 4-year-old daughter. "My daughter is starting to hit. She is starting to lie. She started cussing. She has started to become aggressive," she explains.


Carrie is at her wit's end. "I have been afraid of my son many times, to the point that the only thing I can do is lock myself in my room, so that I feel safe for a moment, until the police arrive," she reveals. "When you see the children tha

t go into a school, like Columbine, and they start shooting and killing people, somewhere inside of me I'm secretly afraid that that will be my child. I fear that one day, somebody's going to get a paper at their front door, and they're going to be reading about my son."


In the studio, Dr. Phil asks Carrie how she feels watching a snippet of her life on tape.

"We go through this every single day with our son, and to sit and watch it from the outside is really scary," she says.

"Do you fear, particularly, for your daughter's life?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Absolutely," she says.


"We definitely had to put the motion detectors in in the house, because he has a habit of watching everybody when they're sleeping," Lance adds. "We had to do something that we would know that he's awake, and we always keep [the kids] separated so that we know nothing can happen when they're just out of our line of sight."

"Do you have any sense of why he is this way?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I had another child who passed away about three-and-a-half-years ago," Carrie says. "Initially, Michael didn't show very many signs of aggression, but as time has gone on, he has become more aggressive with his younger sister, and I really think that he hates her." She explains that Michael has had behavior problems in the past, but never to this extent where they've had to call the police.

"Did he talk about that at the time? Did he express himself? Did he cry? Did he have reactions?" Dr. Phil probes.

"Initially, when she died, he was outside playing basketball and didn't really show much emotion at all," Carrie says. "As time went on, he would say that he missed her, and he threatened to kill himself and said that he wanted to go be with his sister in heaven."

"How does your daughter react to him now?" Dr. Phil asks. "Is she afraid of him?"

"My youngest daughter follows me everywhere I go. It's become natural for her," Carrie says.

The Dr. Phil cameras were rolling inside Carrie and Lance's house, when an angry parent paid a visit, which sent Michael into a rage.

"Michael came in the door screaming at the top of his lungs," Carrie says. "I got a knock at the door at the same time. A woman was outside of my door and explained to me that Michael hit her 5-year-old son, and she believed that Michael was going to go after her son again, so she held Michael from behind."


As the woman explains the incident to Carrie, Michael can be heard yelling, "Leave me alone!"

The woman explains that Michael hit her in the chest. When Carrie asks Michael about it, he screams, "No, I did not!" To the woman he yells, "You'd better stop lying to me!"

"I had never met that woman a day in my life. She showed up at my door. She was very upset, very afraid for her child," Carrie explains.

On stage, Dr. Phil asks the parents, "Clearly he did it, right?"

"Yes," they agree.

"Is this a typical reaction when he's confronted with his behavior?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," Carrie says, noting, "Later on, when he did calm down, he did admit to me that he hit her." She asked him why, and he said he was mad. "He knew full well after he calmed down that what he was doing was wrong."

Dr. Phil lists Michael's aggressive behaviors. "He's been to the crisis center 12 times. He's threatened to kill his little sister. He threatened to cut his teacher's eyes out with a plastic knife in the cafeteria. He's tried to jump out of the car. He put six stitches in his little sister's head. He's thrown butter knives, pushes, kicks furniture," he says. "It's spiraling out of control."


"It's actually getting worse as time goes along," Carrie agrees.

"As you see this enraged behavior, you can actually see him hurt himself," Dr. Phil points out, showing an image of Michael hitting the wall. "Can you image what this would be like if he gained 100 pounds and started flowing testosterone on top of what's already going on?" he asks. "If you're going to make a st

and, you've got to make it now."

"My husband and I talk about that all the time," Carrie says.

"Do you get that you're in over your head here?" Dr. Phil asks. "You're in a situation where this is beyond what a parent can do, because you have a 4-year-old in the house who is extremely vulnerable and could wind up severely injured " she already has " or dead, as well as the two of you."

Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Frank Lawlis, director of the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center and author of the book, Mending the Broken Bond. At the PNP Center, he evaluates children using a multidisciplinary approach.

Dr. Lawlis explains, "We have a brain scan evaluation, a neurological evaluation, a psychological evaluation, a family diagnostic evaluation, academic skills evaluation. It's about 14 different things that we do."

Dr. Phil addresses Lance and Carrie. "You guys are not perfect parents," he tells them. "But I can assure you that the reactions that you're having here are way beyond some parenting nuances or parenting glitches." He explains that Dr. Lawlis has agreed to do a comprehensive evaluation on Michael at the PNP Center to find out what's going on inside
of him. "There are some things that are going to have to be checked that you really might be surprised about," he says. "He is actually showing some high potential for some heavy metal toxicity in his blood that affects his brain behavior."

"It creates high emotions of all kinds, including fear," Dr. Lawlis adds.

Dr. Phil points out that because Michael suffered the loss of a sibling, he may think that if it happened to her, it could happen to him. "Fear turns into anxiety which turns into rage," he says. "You have no idea what connections are going on in this child's brain and mind, but we need to know."

Carrie and Lance agree to have Michael evaluated by Dr. Lawlis.