Deadly Kids: Susie

Deadly Kids: Susie

"My ex-husband's son tried to murder us in our own home. It was horrible. It was scary. I knew I was going to die," says Su

sie, of the attack on her and her then husband, Bob.


"Wade was 16 when I met him. I felt that there was definitely something wrong with him. He had an evilness about him. He had a very, very cold stare," she reveals. "Wade's parents had an inkling of abnormal behavior. Starting with first grade, the teachers and the principal would tell them he didn't play well with the other children. He was mean."


When Wade was 16, he told his father and Susie that he was going to burn

the house down while they both were in it. While he didn't burn the house down, he did inflict severe pain and lifelong injuries to his father and Susie.


"On the night of the attack, Wade and his friend, Sean, came to the house. Wade was demanding our car. Bob told Wade he was not going to take our car," Susie remembers. "Wade pulled the gun out. He pointed it at his father. Wade told him that everything he was about to do was because of his father. Wade instructed his friend to cut the telephone wires, turn the stere

o on and turn it up full blast. Wade shot his father in the head. There was blood shooting out of his head."


"The boys tried to shoot me, and the gun jammed. They started beating me with the gun so hard, the rifle fell apart. Wade went to the kitchen and got the butcher knife, and stabbed me several times leaving the butcher knife lodged from my back through my chest." She was stabbed three times. "When the boys left, I walked into my office, with the knife sticking out of my back, to call for help," she recalls. "Time just stopped. My whole life passed in front of me."

Susie was in the hospital for five days, and Bob stayed for a month. "After Bob was released from the hospital, he was very emotional. Every time he looked at me, it was a reminder of what his son had done, and he couldn't live with it, and he filed for divorce," Susie shares.


"I compared our story to the Menendez brothers," Susie says. Wade and Sean were charged with premeditated attempted murder. Wade's sentence was 46 years with the possibility of

parole. "After the trial, Wade had made a statement that when he got out of prison, he was going to finish the job," Susie adds. "Wade should be coming up for a parole hearing sometime in the next year. I live in fear every day of what might happen if he is released."


In the studio, Dr. Phil asks Susie, "Did he realize what was happening when his son came to the house that night?"

"I don't think so," Susie says. "His son came to the house with the pretense he was going to get his things from his room, and his father honestly believed that. I didn't. I kept telling him that I was afraid."  


"As you sat here in the audience earlier and listened to me talk with [previous guests, Tori and Steven] about their son, what was going through your mind for them?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I feel that any child who shows behavioral problems needs extended care," she says.

Turning to Tori, Dr. Phil asks, "Is this the kind of thing that you fear in terms of what's going on?"

"Yes," she replies. "I'm terrified that something like this is going to happen to me, sooner or later, if I bring him back into my home."


Dr. Phil points out that at 9 years old, Donovan is probably not strong enough to carry out a plan like Sean. "But as they get older, and

they're bigger, and stronger and more competent in the things that they do, the risk of them doing damage goes up exponentially," he warns Tori and Steven. "You're on that cusp right now where it's getting ready to change dramatically."

Turning back to Susie, Dr. Phil asks, "Do you go to his parole hearings?"

"He has not come up for his first parole hearing. That will be coming up shortly, and yes, I will be there," she says. "I intend to speak as a victim, that I don't think he can be rehabilitated in prison, because I feel that that criminal intent is in him, and that it can't be changed."

"How would you react if just one day you got the call [that] said he's been released and can come to your community?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I fear that he will come back and kill me," she says. 


"You've had no communications from him whatsoever," Dr. Phil says.

"Nothing," Susie says. "No remorse."