Debate Dr. Phil: Jackie

Find out who's really feeding Dr. Phil the advice he gives to his guest.
Jackie, a viewer, says that Robin and Dr. Phil seem "too perfect." She wants to know if Robin ever disagrees with the advice her husband gives on the show.

"After parenting shows, every time we walk off, I go, 'I can't believe you didn't tell them about my toothbrush and lava soap,'" Robin answers, pointing out that she thinks it's effective to wash children's mouths out with soap and water if they lie or talk back. "It works," she says, recalling that one time she "got a good lather going in the mouth" with Jay and Jordan, and she never had to do it again.

"Well Mommy Dearest!" Dr. Phil jokes with her, calling it "a little barbaric."

Then, Robin says, "This is my chance to let everyone in on a little secret as to why I really come to the show every day."

On a tape that was shown at the Dr. Phil holiday party, Robin is seen feeding Dr. Phil the answers that he needs in order to help his guests.

Dr. Phil starts a sentence saying, "When I wrote ...," and Robin jumps in to remind him the name of his latest book, speaking into a hidden microphone in her coat and telling him, "The Ultimate Weight Solution." She even uses hand gestures in the audience that Dr. Phil then copies, as though she's telling her husband every line that comes out of his mouth. She urges him to tell his guests to focus on "behavior" and "consequences," and seconds later, Dr. Phil tells them, "When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences."

The audience laughs at the spoof.