Debate Dr. Phil: Pam

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"I've taped your show every single day and I don't like the way that you reference Texas," says Pam. "Dr. Phil, you're giving Texas a bad name! I watched the show where some ladies were talking about shopping and a woman had cut in front of them, and you said, 'In Texas we carry guns, somebody will turn around and shoot you!' When I heard you say that, I got so mad that I wanted to just jump through that television set."

She continues, "You pointed out one time that people chew tobacco in Texas. Even though that may be so, why point it out? Why don't you point something good out for a change? You remember when you said that all you had when you met Robin was a cat, while other men had flashy pickups? There you go Dr. Phil, stereotyping again! People already think that we've got our horses right up to our house, and you're making it worse. Dr. Phil, in Texas we play football rough, and I'm playing it rough with you. Don't mess with Texas!"

Dr. Phil tells Pam, "To suggest that I'm giving Texas a bad name, you've got to be kidding me! Why are you ashamed of the fact that people chew tobacco in Texas, that they drive pickups in Texas, and that people carry guns in Texas?"

"I'm just saying that not all of them do that!"

Dr. Phil responds, "I didn't say everybody did! And what's wrong if they do? I have been on every media outlet in America saying my heart is in Texas, my home is in Texas, it's real world, real people that know the value of hard work, the value of a dollar. I mean, Texas is as real as it gets. People in Texas say I'm the number one ambassador for Texas, and you say I'm stereotyping them. Excuse me, stand up!"

When Pam shows off her Texas garb, the audience laughs.

Dr. Phil adds, "This one I ain't giving an inch on. I'm proud of Texas, I am an ambassador for Texas, and you're just being too thin skinned if you think there's something wrong with saying people drive pickups!"