"Dirty Celebs"

Nik's wife, Shayne, and attorney, David Gingras, join the conversation. Shayne is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, was the winner of The Bachelor season 12, and has been the subject of tabloid fodder herself. Shayne has been married to Nik for six months. They tied the knot after only knowing each other 24 hours. She wasn't aware of his website when she married him.

Shayne opens up about her quickie wedding and what she thinks of Nik's website.


Shayne advises Bruna. "You shouldn't let this man " if you want to model, you should go and do it, and not let some man that doesn't know you stop you. Be confident with that and own it," she says. "You are beautiful."

Dr. Phil agrees you have to have thick skin in the entertainment field. "But we chose this. This is a civilian," he says about Bruna. "This is a private citizen. You call it the civilian paparazzi " I think that's charitable. But she didn't enter the public arena and become a public figure, and putting a picture up on Facebook doesn't make you a public figure."

[AD]Nik's attorney, David, says, "I think we can all agree there's a difference, sometimes, what the law is and what's right. I think we can all agree that this young lady didn't deserve some of the comments against her, and I'd like to apologize to you because I think you deserve that, and I'm sorry for that. Now, having said that, the law allows Nik to do what he does because he's not the one writing those nasty comments most of the time " and I'll tell you, any time I see him posting something that I think crosses a line, I immediately tell him, ‘Knock it off. That's not your role.'"

Dr. Phil and David disagree about Nik's accountability.

Freddy and Kina are featured on Nik's website so often, there are now referred to as "dirty celebs." Kina says they're considered local celebrities, and when she's out on the town, people call her by her nickname that Nik gave her: Scooby Snack.

Kina describes how she ended up on the website.


Freddy is also defined as a dirty celeb. Freddy says he works in the nightlife industry and finds himself on the website a lot. His negative comments feature slurs regarding sexual orientation, but he says it doesn't affect him.

Dr. Phil asks David, "Do you have any concern that somebody might really, really take this in a bad way and do harm to themselves?"

"Of course I do," he says. "Ultimately, it's not my decision what comes down and what stays up, but the comments that you made earlier about cyberbullying and particularly the suicide, which has been in the news recently; Nik has that in the forefront of his mind. I think he's downplaying that a little bit, but he is very conscientious, much more so than other clients I have. He takes things down without question, even when he's not legally required to do that. You can paint him as a bad guy, but he does have a good side, and I make sure he listens to that as best he can."

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