Divorce Decision: After the show

Divorce Decision: After the show

The saga of Brandon and Emily had the Dr. Phil message boards buzzing. Brandon, 25, confessed to sleeping with a 15-year-old girl while still married to Emily. Their story took a violent turn when the couple returned home.

"After the Dr. Phil shoot, Emily just kind of snapped and started laying into me," says Brandon. "Emily started to yell at me that I was a horrible person and I was ruining everything."

Emily tells a different story. "He punched me hard in the side of the head. I thought he was going to kill me. He actually grabbed me by the neck when he pulled me up," she recounts. She displays her arm, which is dotted with discolorations. "I have small bruises up and down my arm. When the police arrived at the house, they asked me if I was going to take my daughter. Brandon wanted to be with Jenna. I'm afraid of what he could do to her. I couldn't leave her there."

"My sister needs to stay away from him," says Julie. "He has cheated on her, and lied to her, and abused her. He can't be trusted."

Brandon blames Emily for ruining their relationship. "Emily's new hobby, to be a pathological liar, is, actually, probably the reason we're getting a divorce," he says. "Emily molested me and she knows it."

"He's abusive and a sexual predator, and I don't trust him one bit," Emily declares.

"I filed a temporary protection from abuse order against Brandon," Emily says.

"I was advised to cross-file a PFA, which I did the next day. When we went to court, however, I was basically ambushed," Brandon says. "I didn't know Emily had a lawyer. She had witnesses."

"In the courtroom, Brandon found out that he was evicted from the house. He started crying and yelling profanities," Julie remembers. "The judge had the guards take him out."

"They granted Emily's permanent PFA for 36 months, stating that I couldn't see or talk to her in any way, shape or form," Brandon says. "I have court-ordered visitation with Jenna every other weekend."

"I don't think Brandon should have visitation rights," says Julie, who serves as mediator for Jenna. "He's not stable. I don't trust what he says, and I don't know what he'll do once he has [Jenna]."

"Emily keeps using our daughter as a tool for revenge. I haven't had any visitation with Jenna for close to two months now," Brandon says.

Emily worries that Brandon could harm their child. "He could take my daughter and disappear, and I would never see her again. I fear that if Brandon has Jenna, he could either lose his temper and physically abuse her, or sexually abuse her, and that scares me to death," she says.