Divorce Decision: Decision House

Divorce Decision: Decision House

"You guys are at each other, right?" Dr. Phil asks the couple.


"We bicker," Alex says.


"It tends to happen," Lynn chimes in.


"So gay couples aren't immune from bickering back and forth about money and all of that," Dr. Phil muses.


"We have all the same problems as straight couples," Alex replies.


Observing that the men were wed in Canada and have been married for two years, Dr. Phil asks Alex, "What bugs you most about him?"

"The thing about Lynn is that he's always taken care of, and I'm just that person who takes care of him," Alex argues.

"Are you a control freak?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


He answers, "I have to drive. I have to do everything."


"I think it makes him feel vulnerable if he lets any level of control out of his hands," Lynn adds. "At some point, I feel like, 'What the hell? Where do I fit in?'"


"You've said, 'I am the talent, and [Alex] is the manager,'" Dr. Phil reminds Lynn.


"He gets to benefit from it as well," Lynn says.


"I get up at 7:00 in the morning, I work out, I run the Web site, I make the phone calls, I set up the meetings. Lynn is asleep," Alex recounts. "I pay the bills; Lynn's asleep."


"You guys have fun with this some, but the truth is, it's tough," Dr. Phil observes.

"Definitely. I think a couple should be a team. I think if you're not growing as a couple, something is wrong," Alex replies.

Dr. Phil introduces Lynn Toler, the no-nonsense judge on Divorce Court. Lynn also hosts Decision House, helping couples on the brink decide if they should stay together or call it quits, and is the author of My Mother's Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius. "Lynn, what do you think about taking these two and putting them in Decision House, and making it really intense to find out whether they've got what it takes?" he asks.


"I think it's the perfect place for them because we can hit all of the issues " and they've got a lot of them! We have separate experts for each issue, and we make you think so you can change," Lynn replies. "You change to make the relationship better, or if you cannot change to make the relationship better, you make the decision not to be in it anymore, but to exit well."


"I think we should put you guys to work," Dr. Phil tells the couple. "You're going to find some answers, and you may inspire a whole lot of other people to open up a dialogue."


Decision House airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on MyNetworkTv