Battle over Pierre

"After the show, our marriage seemed OK for just a short a while, then the arguments between Amanda and my mother got worse," says Pierre. "My mom got much more involved in our business and really tried to get rid of Amanda."


One night, Yolande was at Pierre and Amanda's house, sleeping in the basement. Amanda was playing her music loudly, and Pierre claims she was drunk. "My mom started just yelling at Amanda to turn down the music, and every time she said that, Amanda would turn the music louder and turn it up," Pierre remembers.


"By 2:30 in the morning, I was fed up, and so I got up," Yolande recalls. 


"She ran upstairs to attack me," Amanda says. "I ran in the master bedroom and called the cops, because that woman scares me. There was one squad car with two cops, and they could not calm her down, and so they called for backup, and about five squad cars

showed up."


"In the police report, it states very clearly that she was intoxicated," Yolande says. 


Amanda moved out the next day and filed for a divorce, which was finalized a few months later. That was the last time Amanda and Yolande saw each other. "I just can't face that woman again," Amanda says. "This crazy woman needs to be locked up."


"My mom eventually got rid of Amanda. My mom was very happy when the divorce went through," Pierre reveals. "I want advice from Dr. Phil on breaking free from my mom. I am afraid that I'll never be able to get married again and have kids because my mom is very jealous or controlling about who I date."

"So, she won," Dr. Phil says to Pierre.

"It looks like it, yeah," he says.

"You said that after the show, she got it in her mind to just get rid of her. [She] started showing up every weekend and just pressed until finally that was it," Dr. Phil says.

"It seems like she got a little more involved and tried to get rid of Amanda,"
he agrees.

"You seem to just be beaming over there," Dr. Phil says to Yolande.

She clarifies that she didn't come over every weekend. "I was coming maybe twice a month to take care of the house," she says, adding that she put the house up for sale.

Dr. Phil asks Yolande to be honest about her plans. "You had every intention of getting rid of Amanda, did you not, because you think she's trash?" he asks.


"No, I don't think she's trash at all. What bothers me was the alcohol problem," she says, noting that Amanda didn't take Dr. Phil's offer of help for her drinking after the last show.

Dr. Phil repeats his question. "You had every intention of getting rid of her. You wanted her gone," he says.

"Not if she had changed," Yolande says. "They are ruining me financially."

Turning to Pierre, Dr. Phil says, "She keeps talking about this house, this car, this house, this car. What is your soul worth?" Turning to Yolande, he

says, "That car and that house is your umbilical cord to this boy. It is how you control him." He suggests she take the car and house back and sell them both.


Dr. Phil faces Pierre and says, "Move! You and I had this conversation before. I feel like I'm airing a rerun!"

"I can give back the car, that's fine, but what I can afford is, like, a scooter," Pierre says.

"Where does she keep the Dixie cup?" Dr. Phil asks in jest, referring to his comment on the previous show that Yolande has Pierre's manhood in a Dixie cup. "How old are you?"

"Thirty-nine," Pierre says smiling.