Mom Put to the Test

The Dr. Phil show arranges for Pierre to go on a date and for his mother to watch the events unfold from a separate room.


When Pierre's date, Jennifer, arrives, Yolande says, "She seems very nice and friendly."


Jennifer shares with Pierre that she works in a restaurant as a bartender and part-time server.


As the conversation progresses, Yolande shares her thoughts. "They seem to have a very friendly exchange, but what he really needs to try to avoid is going to very expensive bars and being with a woman who gets drunk in the bar. He doesn't really have the money to pay, unless he gets a better job," she says. "Whichever woman he dates needs to be patient for him to find a better job than substitute teaching."


When Pierre tells Jennifer that he's close to his mom and speaks with her every day, Yolande says, "Of course. When he calls all the time for me to deposit money because of the debts created by that previous marriage."


Before she meets Jennifer, Yolande says, "She certainly looks very pleasant, very nice, but what about Pierre's situation? A woman has certain expectations, too."

Yolande joins Pierre and Jennifer. "He mentioned something about that you haven't liked any girl he's ever been with because they're not Swiss," Jennifer says to her.


"People like his ex-wife constantly caused financial problems, and then he asked me for money," she says. "He has a full-time substitute teaching position, but it's not a good job."

When Jennifer leaves, Yolande says to Pierre, "I just hope you'll find a woman who likes you and [shows] reciprocal responsibility that doesn't involve me."


"Thanks, Mom," he says.


Back in his studio, Dr. Phil is amazed. "Who does that?" he asks Yolande. "Who comes out and says, ‘Hi, I'm so glad to meet you. He has a crummy job. He has no money. His last wife was horrible. She wanted money. She was a drunk.' I mean, who does that?"

"It was a much longer conversation," she says. "I still want to make a point: I was never involved with him before. It's just these last two years."

"You came out and made six critical comments about Pierre and the fact that [he] was basically worthless," Dr. Phil says. "You're already picking and pecking."

"It's a problem if a man does not have enough money. The woman should be aware that he does not have enough money and that they need to share the expenses," she explains.

Dr. Phil introduces Jennifer and says, "You're actually not a bartender."

"I do bartend part time," she says.

"That's not your plight in life," Dr. Phil points out.


"No," she says.

"Actually, you're working on your Ph.D. in French," Dr. Phil says.

"French literature," she says with a smile.

Dr. Phil adds that she has a 3.9 grade average and already has a master's degree. "She's quite a delightful young woman, don't you think?" he asks Yolande.

"I thought she was wonderful," she says.

"That's why you told her your son was worthless, right?" Dr. Phil asks. "I wonder if you thought maybe if she was a little better educated than you were thinking and maybe a little better heeled than you were thinking, you might not have pointed out all of his negatives."

"I would never had said anything if it would not have been here in Hollywood, on the Dr. Phil show. There is no way I've ever made a comment to a woman who was dating Pierre," she maintains.

"Really?" Dr. Phil asks. "Amanda doesn't feel that way. You didn't call the cops on the Dr. Phil show."

"Amanda was very different," she says.

Dr. Phil asks Pierre, "She hasn't liked any of your girlfriends, has she?"

"I think a long time ago, back in high school," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Yolande, "Why do you think Pierre said, ‘I'm afraid I'll never be able to marry and have kids, because my mother is insane. She is jealous of any woman I date'? Why do you suppos
e he said that? Are those just because of things you said just in Hollywood on the Dr. Phil show? Or is that because of the last 39 years of experience he's had with you?"

"He did not want to antagonize Amanda. That's why he said it," she says.

Pierre and his mother bicker.

When Yolande says Pierre paid with her credit card for a trip to Cancun for him and another girlfriend, Dr. Phil asks, "Why don't you just say no? You don't say no because you want to have leverage over him."