Divorcing the Family: Calming the Chaos

Creating Peace in the Home

Dr. Phil sits onstage with Peggy, Kevin, Mike and Jason. He says, "At this point, it's my opinion that nobody here has any skill set other than the ones you've been using." Turning to Kevin, Dr. Phil adds, "You yell because that's all you know how to do. You've run out of options."


Dr. Phil tells the family they need structure " rules, meetings, communication and other learned skills " to replace the chaos they currently have. Further, he believes the entire family should be evaluated to properly diagnose any medical, neurological or cognitive problems they may have" including ADD. He introduces Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil advisory board and author of The ADD Answer. Dr. Lawlis agrees and says that Mike and Jason's ADD diagnosis does not explain their disrespectful behavior or their pattern of interactions with their family, and could possibly be incorrect.


Dr. Phil suggests that the family needs outside help with structure and improving family interaction. He says, "If y'all are interested in that experience, then we'll set every bit of that up and make it happen."


The family is open to the suggestion. Kevin says, "I want it to happen. I'm tired of this."