DNA Dramas: Heating Up

DNA Dramas: Heating Up

Dr. Phil asks Terrie about her grandson, Trevor. "Do you want a relationship there?"

Terrie begins, "If I was dealing with a person who " "

"Your relationship with the children has nothing to do with me," Diane interrupts. "Do you understand that?"

"Yes it does, Diane," Terrie says. "Because you use those children against me."

"Well, of course it does," Dr. Phil agrees. "But hold on, hold on. This ain't my first rodeo, OK?" He tells Diane, "You're not the first in-law situation that I've ever dealt with. And your level of rhetoric, your in-your-face level of rhetoric " while the resolve is justified " and you're certainly on the moral high-ground to stand up for and protect your daughter, and your son and your family " do you think that you're advancing the ball at all by yelling and screaming and name-calling and finger pointing? That's not a good situation. If you were in charge of negotiating world peace, we'd all be gone."

"I agree," Diane responds. "But, Dr. Phil, let me ask you a question. Am I supposed to allow this woman who has done nothing but been hateful and mean, denying her grandchildren the love that they deserve, because she doesn't like me, an opportunity to be a part of their lives? If it was you doing that to my kids, do you think you would be a part of my children's life?"

Looking perplexed, Dr. Phil asks, "Why is it everybody answers questions with questions around here?"

"But she's lying!" Terrie exclaims.

"You say she's a liar," Dr. Phil tells Terrie. "That doesn't help. I mean, come on. Somebody take some responsibility here. This relationship needs a hero. This family needs somebody who steps up and says, 'You know what? We need to calm down.' Everybody just needs to calm down. At some point you've just got to say, 'You know what? I'm going to rise above this.'"

Terrie says, "She listens to that little girl, because every time she doesn't get her way, she runs crying to her mom that I mistreated her. I treat the kids well. I buy them things."


Dr. Phil tells Terrie, "You just referred to her daughter as, 'that little girl,' and you said it like you were smelling something really bad at the time. I mean, you've really got a bad attitude about that. And so you wonder why she is upset when you are attacking the marriage. You say you want her gone. You talk about her little girl like she's Damien's sister, the demon-child. She's 9. I mean, she probably is manipulative, and if she's a drama queen, she's a 9-year-old girl!" He shrugs animatedly.

"But why does she have to go and lie and then have her on the phone yelling and screaming at me over something that did not happen?" asks Terrie.

"Well, because the rhetoric here needs to dial down," says Dr. Phil. He tells Adam, "The rhetoric needs to dial down, and you can help with that, OK? It's your mother, and it's your wife, so you kind of look like the one here who can dial this situation down." Turning to Terrie he adds, "Family is family, and that is your grandchild." Addressing Diane, he says, "Since you don't have time to read my books, I will give them to you on CD. Then you can put it on and drive around and listen to it."

"That would be great! So I can hear it!" she says with a laugh.